A Tale of Harassment

Harassment is one issue which most of us ladies have experienced one way or another..
This blog is about harassment episode which I faced three years ago

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Our Company said if he didn’t touch you, it isn’t harassment



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Technology Makes Life Easier for Working Women in Today’s Era

technologyResearch reveals that working women have to bear so much stress because they have to juggle between two jobs. On the one end they have to look after their family and on the other, tension for their work. Therefore these women have to maintain a balance between the two.

Back in the times, it might be a challenge for working women to bring up children and focus on their career due to far less technological advancement. However, now with the aid of modern technology the women of today can stay organized and prepare their routine perfecting the balancing act between work and family life.

Gone were the days when these working women used to come back home from work and gave themselves away to the kitchen and household chores for hours at a stretch.  Now they have more technological facilities to falter on and hence seem to manage their household efficiently by using modern-day electronic home appliances.

Now working women do not have to compromise on the health of their family. Microwave ovens, regular ovens and other modern home appliances have made cooking easy which means one do not have to drudge long in kitchen. The hardest part of getting meals on the table is what to cook with the ingredients on hand. But with different recipe apps or cooking shows online have helped women to sift through millions of recipes from leading sites all over the Internet. The best online recipes often include step-by-step photo tutorials or even instructional videos, so it’s easier than ever to step out of your comfort zone.

Furthermore, today’s technology empowers these working women to stay connected with their children and their family through mobile phones or even social networking. Keeping a family organized and all on the same page is no small feat.



Stay Connected

One of the other perks of technology that women enjoyed most is the flexibility to work from home. One doesn’t have to leave their sick kids home with a relative or maid and worry about them the entire day at work. Thanks to laptop and the internet they can always stay connected and on the go in terms of their work, without missing out on the lives of their kids.

Managing time is a big task for the working women. In the past, one has to wait in a queue for long hours to pay bills. However, in today’s times with online banking and online transaction, it has made lives easier for working women. They can pay their bills without missing the due date.

Similarly online shopping is prevalent in today’s working women.  One does not have to roam around the malls to shop for their favorite dress or for any household item. You are just one click away to buy your sought-after item. This is one of the best ways to shop for your clothes, accessories, gadgets and even groceries. One of the advantages of online shopping is that women can save a lot of time while investing their precious time to their family.


Juggling their Way Out

Juggling different roles from being a caregiver, home financier and sometimes a chef is what women have been trying to do for centuries. The only difference is that today women have more facilities which probably women of yesteryear didn’t have it.  The technological advances of this age enable working women the opportunity to maintain their status as competent and effective employees that contribute to the business’ success, without neglecting their offspring or household duties.

Knight in Shining Armor: Helping Women in the Pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle

The human brain works wonders, most we are unaware of, however it needs fuel to keep energized otherwise we shall become nothing

Healthy lifestyle is key to happiness: Online

Healthy lifestyle is key to happiness: Online

more than mere zombies. An active mind is not just a choice, but a necessity to stay ahead of the game.  The age-old mantra, ‘We

are what we eat’, means to lead a healthy lifestyle we have to eat healthy. But unfortunately we live in a fast-paced world where eating junk is easier and probably cheaper than following a healthy diet.

In this day and age both men and women have to work along each other to make ends meet.  In a country like Pakistan, working women have lots of responsibilities; not only do they have to earn, but are expected to be homemakers as well. As they juggle various responsibilities, their main concern mostly remains the health of their family.  However, it’s hard for them to invest more time in cooking proper meals, because of daily challenges; hence these women usually end up compromising on a healthy diet.

Advance kitchen appliances i.e. microwaves have made lives easier for women of today, but usually these microwaves have limited features; most just reheat and defrost. Moreover, one more disadvantage of these microwaves is that it cooks dishes non-desi dishes, serving no purpose to our local household. Hence, women in Pakistan have been reluctant to use it for daily cooking needs.

Health is wealth: Online

Cooking food in a healthy style: Online

Keeping in perspective the hassles of today’s women, certain local appliance brands have recently introduced innovative microwaves to solve their woes. Enriched with features such as grilling, and quick healthy meals along with built-in ‘desi’ recipes, these microwaves are custom-made to assist in our search for a healthy lifestyle.

‘A healthy outside starts from the inside’, therefore emphasis is not on having a scrumptious meal but it should be healthy too.  These microwave ovens dispel the misconception about zapping away the nutrient value from food. Food cooked in microwaves is as nutritious as food cooked in a conventional way. One precautionary measure is the use of microwave safe utensils to cook or heat food instead of plastic containers as it can melt due to excessive heat. With this caution, equal amount of heat is provided to food and as a result, the nutrient value of the food remains intact.

Some of the microwaves also come with another innovative offering: insect repellent technology.



This technology ensures that insects, usually found in kitchens, stay away from the inside of the microwave oven, ensuring proper hygienic standards are maintained before and after cooking.

No longer do women need to worry about a healthy diet for their family, as these microwaves are nothing short of a knight in shining metallic armor.  With these uniquely featured microwave ovens, one does not need to compromise on health due to shortage of time.

Ridiculed for Standing Against Verbal Abuse


No More!

What happens when you finally voice out your opinion for the unbearable harassment that you have to face for around three months? You are ridiculed, you are blamed for having filth in your minds; you are indirectly under suspicion in everyone’s eyes and all this for what? Only because you stand for something and you do not want to endure anymore.

I  had worked in a private company that provides van service to the ladies; a facility which is a need of almost every working lady. I was the first one to be picked by the van driver, and as it is my first job so I did not have any idea of how to deal in professional way. Soon I realized that the van driver talked aimlessly without any reason with me. I tried to ignore even when he talked ill about some of the senior members of my office. I prefered to be quiet only because I knew by my experience in university that if you tried to complain of anything, it comes all on you.

This is the commonly practiced principle used over here. Later, he made the big issue of not greeting him and I quote his words: ‘If no one greets me so will not pick the person from next day even though if I have to leave the job (this is not the requirement to greet anyone), also he talks very rudely to me.’ I remained quiet and only shared with my mother because I had this presumption that if I did, no action would be taken or maybe it was my fear.

However later when I discussed with my other van colleagues, so I realized how wrong I was and therefore I and my other van fellows took a stand and we signed an application against the driver’s conduct. He was rebuked by the administration to which he took it personally and begun to misbehave with the van fellows. Next day, he took gals according to his wish and he did not even pick one girl from her home. It became unbearable, later we complained regarding this and we were told to compromise so we start the silent protest by not taking the facility of the van and took public bus instead.  Later, we found out that the company actually abandon the van facility not only ours but both vans.

This became a cooking topic for every other girl in the office. In the lunch time, girls from other van begun to blame us for the abolishment of the facility. I was appalled by the conduct of the women because indirectly they were targeting on our characters, which was not right. I soon realized that it’s not man, but woman is the actual enemy of other woman and by this, I have also witnessed it. 

Death of Mary Rogers Reflects the State of New York

Rogers’ death showed the nature of the city in those times. It was a mysterious death; many speculations rose during the investigation process. Rogers was an urban woman and her story opened up the culture of America

Mary Rogers–Cigar Girl

where many women were making their living due to increased urbanization.  During nineteenth century, women were considered to be a part of homes only though as the panic times knocked the door, women also started earning their own living.  Moreover her death gave new definition to the press as well as the Legislature system that made them to reform their laws.

The death of Mary Rogers depicted the state of the city during mid-nineteenth century; a gateway to the urban culture in antebellum America. Rogers was also known as ‘Beautiful Cigar Girl’. Rogers’ beauty was the sole reason of her many admirers belonging to the fraternity of journalism and politicians. She worked at the Cigar Shop as in those times most beautiful girls were usually hired to attract the customers. During the summer of 1841, she got disappeared from her boarding house and three days later found dead at the Hudson River.  It was a mysterious death because the investigation was not fruitful and many suspicions were raised.

In the past two and a half centuries, New York has witnessed several tragedies and social changes that affected the behavior of people which in turn lead to murders. One such mysterious murder was of Mary Rogers known as Cigar Girl; she disappeared in the summer of 1841 from New York City boardinghouse run by her mother Phebe. Three days later, her bruised and waterlogged body was found at the Hudson River near the shore of New Jersey. Her death created the hype in the early 19th century; change was witnessed not only in the field of media and literature even the laws were reformed.



Mary Rogers

Maria Rogers born in 1820; came to New York in the panic year 1837 from Connecticut after which she took job in 1838 in one of the famous Cigar owned by John Anderson known as Anderson’s Tobacco Emporium.  Cigar girls were chosen for their beauty and Rogers was considered one of amazingly beautiful lady; soon her charm worked on the young men as we ll. She used to sell cigars and tobacco where her customers included famous personalities like Edgar Allen Poe, James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving as well.  Rogers’ popularity with the press was one of the reasons that stirred the media.

Rogers Death and Media

The death of Mary Rogers gave new life to the circulation of penny press in 1840; a tabloid that turned the news into sensational event.  Many newspapers and reporters gave theories that surrounded Roger’s death. The way of reporting homicide completely changed and every clue was taken into consideration.  Moreover, the newspapers raised many stories regarding her death which included abortion, gang rape and even suicide. The press also signified the fear of increased lawlessness in the city as well as the need of reformed police groups because police made no headway in her case; media also highlighted tightening control of abortions; although this case was never resolved instead the newspapers increased their readership among working-women and men.

Society in Mid 19TH Century in the light of Rogers Death

In the 19th century, the society was not liberal to the idea of independent women; however the increase of commerce, print and industry in the city changed the role of urban women.  Rogers’s case is the window to an urban culture; it was the depiction of the emerging urban women who took advantage of the economic opportunity in those times whereas her death raised the voice for the mid-nineteenth century concerns over sexual license, law and order situation, abortions and changing role of women.

Crime increases with the widespread increase in the urbanization during mid-nineteenth century. The investigation process of Roger’s death showed inefficiency of the police due to which reformed New York police department was established as well as the city was divided into three districts having their own courts, magistrates and clerks. There were two legislation that also passed as a result of her death; one was New York Police Reform Act that upgraded the policing system and second was the New York State Act that criminalized the abortion.

The death of Mary Rogers was a sensational event for the penny press as well as for the New York City. Her death gave the popular journalism and the crime reports the central space in the urban press.  The investigative reporting was introduced and the growing industry of press and printing gave rise to detective stories, graphic illustration and series novels.

Besides creating sensationalism by the press, Mary roger’s death phenomena also showed the culture of urban commercialism due to introduction of more working women in a society. Moving from an individual towards society as a whole the concept of new female identity became a combination of public visibility and social isolation. Women lived alone without protection because of their jobs for which the society was not prepared yet.

Moreover, independency of women also increases vulnerability to male desire and lack of social order during nineteenth century; Rogers’ Death was an open eye to the fear of lawlessness prevailing during those times which needed a tighter control and it happened after her death where the police system and abortion became the points of legislature system.


Her death is an enigma; the case never got solved and many stories generated because there was not much information regarding Mary. However her death stirred the New York City and it also tells about the cultural aspect of the society during those times.

Rogers’ death was a reflection of the society towards women during mid-nineteenth century; the society was in changing phase in terms of economic growth as well as role of women. Furthermore, new notion of female autonomy leads to urban commercialism.  These independent women needed protection which was not given by the police; therefore Rogers’ death became a touchstone to tighten the laws in order to protect the women.