In Solitude, I Find Myself!

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A chaos filled inside me

No path is there to be seen

Everyday walking on a rough terrain

With nowhere to go, nowhere to reach

A quest of unknown territory

Feel a useless speck in a large scheme of life

Thoughts rampage and at the brink of insanity

Befuddle feelings and slow mind-numbing nothingness

Scary thoughts surround me everyday

Make me fall into deep pit

Complete meltdown and inability to face greatest life fears

Feed my addiction for perfectionism and measure my worthiness with material objects

No happiness, no contentment still I can find

Little do I know

In the midst of apprehension and uncertainty

I uncover my sense of purpose

All it takes a little digging to reveal the truth

In solitude, I seek solace

In solitude, I find myself

In solitude, I find God

The few lines above are my sentiments which I have gone through in the last few months. On the outside, I looked fine and healthy. But inside, a mysterious feeling was gnawing at me. I felt like my inner fear was slowly feeding on my soul. I was falling into a trap and nobody could see. I went under a cloak of invisibility. It was the time when I started listening and reading the materials that could inculcate some sense and relief to my mind and heart. And there it was, I read about Ishq Majazi (love for human) and Ishq Haqiqi (love for Allah). This made me see the world in a different perspective which I lost somewhere while living a meaningless life.

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When you love a human, you have expectations and emotions which make you restless and anxious all the time. And with this love are associated desires and wishes that are endless. Your heart is always on the lookout for new things and there is no direction in your life. You are also likely to experience heartaches, discontent, sadness and a fear of being abandoned by your love in any time of your life.

On the other side, there is one true love which spreads tranquility in your life and that is the love of Almighty Allah. It is at the times of grief, one finds comfort in the remembrance of Allah. Love so pure and true that bring calmness in your life. Where ever you turn, you see Allah in every being and in every element of this world. The anxiety and distress are replaced by happiness and contentment. There is such sweetness and pleasure in the name of Allah that by repeatedly invoking His name, every sorrow is turned into joy.

The love so pure gives you direction and replace your heartaches with fulfillment which you may not find anywhere. This love enables you to forget about your self (Nafs) and think beyond your desires and do something meaningful. Your main and only aim is to attain closeness to Allah and to achieve that you perform acts that bring you closer to Allah.

This love is not easy to achieve and you may fail many times, you can lose your direction and there is a slight chance for you to bounce back to your old life. But not for long because the sweetness and pleasure this love has brought in your life, will not let you stay away. Perseverance, patience and tolerance are keys to success and this is what keeps you going throughout the life.

Embrace this love and allow to let go of all the negative feelings brewing inside you!


Learning to Overcome Fear

A universal emotion that is negatively perceived because it arises when you feel you are in danger. The causes of fear can be many for instance you are afraid of darkness, you are claustrophobic, hydrophobic, fear of living alone and fear of not achieving your dreams.  Everyone has some sort of fear that stays with them forever but at times people triumph over their weakness.

Although I have a phobia of creepy-crawly creatures like lizards, this is my first fear. As a child I have heard many strange stories regarding this creepy thing that incur fear in me. Whereas I also have an irrational fear of facing the audience in the presentation and even I have a fear to speak my thoughts out in front of people. But the later two are due to my low self-esteem. This fear has developed in me gradually because of the experiences and failures which I have faced in the course of time. It becomes the part of my personality. How is it possible? Your personality is either inborn or they are built on the responses of your lifetime occurrences. Constant negative reactions make you fearful to take the step ahead whereas in the meantime, you lurk in the midst of uncertainty.

There are many fears that stop us to do things which we really want to do. They gain power on us and then we feel helpless in front of our qualms. The only way to beat is to make oneself believe that nothing is so huge that it may dominate you. Every day is a task for us to conquer our fear and that can only be done if we believe in ourselves.

It is rightfully put into words by Ralph Waldo EmersonHe who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.

It’s hard to overcome your fear and I know this very well but there are certain things which have really helped me on the way to rise over my phobia.

Firstly, accept your trepidations it is normal to be afraid of certain things. Even the strong people go through this but giving up is not the solution. Secondly take some confidence grooming sessions, either talk to your friend, your teacher, or counselor who may help you to overcome your phobia. Fear of failing should not let you stop chasing your dream. It is not a weakness but if you try to put your arms down in front of your fear that is your failure. Nothing is so big or huge; it is just your imagination. Talk to yourself, buck up yourself and most importantly, seek help from Almighty or do meditation, this really work wonders It is not one day task, you have to work daily on this and gradually the results will be fruitful At least I am hopeful that for me it will be…