Jealousy Can Ruin Healthy Relationship

othelloOthello is one of the classics of William Shakespeare. What I like most about this play is the theme of jealousy depicted in the play, and is still relevant in the modern world.

Othello is a great and wise man, except for his blindness of thought and the rashness of action caused by his jealousy. He becomes angry when he sees a very small possibility of his wife, Desdemona’s infidelity.

Also, Roderigo is jealous of Othello’s marriage with Desdemona and he is blinded by his obsessive passion for Desdemona. However, it is Othello’s jealousy that brings about the destruction and tragedy in his otherwise happily married life.

The other theme more prominent is the psychological manipulation of Iago. He is the one who instigates Othello against his wife and loyal friend Cassio.

The foundation of healthy relationship is based on trust and sincerity. There is no room of jealousy in a stable relation. Jealousy is powerful. It can ruin relationships and make good, well-meaning people act in ways they never imagined like the heroic character of Othello.

Jealousy can make spouses abusive or in extreme cases, a killer. It’s important that partners should have open communication so that no one dares to sow the seed of jealousy or create misunderstanding in their relation.


Misunderstanding is basically the lack of understanding between two parties. They can be best friends or any blood relation and even in the relation of love among two people. It all initiates from a small grudge and lands into a big quarrel. The outcome is the bitterness in the relation that only brings the irreplaceable loss of your loved ones.

Normally confusion arises when there is lack of communication with each other. Whereas ego is the driving force that apparently creates a gap among people and instead of reducing this space, it amplifies the misapprehension. It may happen anywhere and at any place whether at home, at university or at workplace. We do not listen to other party and make our minds on the basis of bias against that group. This may happen with me and even with you and at that time you do not know what to say and do to soothe the tension.

It is true that everyone has their own way to perceive any situation and you could not mould someone’s perception but once you become to dislike someone, everything they do begins to annoy you. Though it seems small but the effect is long-lasting. It’s better to talk to each other and solve the matter beforehand otherwise time passes by and you may feel the regret of losing your dear ones for a minute reason.