We Still Love the Cornered Tigers!!


Celebrating the wicket taking

Call it bad performance or bad luck but the fact is we have lost to semi final and that also with our arch rivals!!


There was so much hype for today, everyone was ecstatic for the Pakistan team to reach to semi-final and to play against India, a great achievement in itself. But to utter dismay, it all went down at the end.

All the faces were beaming with the imminent victory but that did not happen instead the team were defeated from 29 runs. There were half day holiday in the whole country; special arrangements were made for the match. Large screens were placed at different places all were geared and confident for the game but it turned out to be the other way round.

I am not any sport expert so I could not analyze the match but what I have seen so far that the sloppy fielding and the batting performance were displayed poorly by the Pakistan team. We say that catches win matches and it seems so right at this stage.

When the wickets of Pakistan were losing, there were mixed reactions of the people; some were hopeful till the last ball and some were frustrated with each falling wicket.

Even the face book were not spared by the people who were constantly uploading the status with each ball…They used it as a way to vent out their frustrations. Whereas, on the roads angered people did the firing and some even fired the crackers. But despite all this will it help in any way to bring back the time?

Hating the game or the cricketer will not justify your mood what is done it’s done and now what is needed to support our team, tell them that no matter what happen we are with you and we are proud of you. You have played your game and just see the brighter side that for one day at least we were all united for one cause and everywhere there were Pakistani flags that were high up in the sky… Either you win or lose we love you. Go Green!