Voice of Hope…

Strings in action

Jab roti sasti hogi aur mehngi hogi jaan (A time will come when the bread will be low-priced whereas human life will be precious) simple yet evocative lyrics.

The song Mein tu dekhon ga tum bhi dekho ge (I will see and you will also see) by Strings has come at the right time. Nevertheless it has the satirical approach towards the negativity that has grappled the country. The song has been directed by Jami and penned down by Bilal Maqsood.

The visuals of the song is pure and simple it shows the essence of Pakistan whereas the visually it has focused the young generation who belong from rural areas. The concept of the video is very beautiful. In the beginning there is the band and the set-up is of school type. Enter one girl in the scene who comes over there with her slate and then the songs starts. Gradually many children follow towards the place and they all gather around to listen. Since prime focus is for masses therefore the lyrics are kept very easy so that a layman can read between the lines.

The particular song covers the four aspects and due to the negligence in these areas, it has weakened the foundation of our country.

First is Education: Unfortunately in our country, our leaders do not give importance to culture of education. Even our Government grants less money in this sector because for them it is more important to fill their own bags rather focusing on learning development of our children.

What could be said more when Government wants to devolve the HEC to the provincial level. Although there are weaknesses but it is one new organization that has really done some good works. Under this many universities have been recognized by the world.

Second the song focuses on feudalism as the line aptly explain it very simply:” Jab gaddi pe bethe bheer mei mil jaye gein (When the person in power will not separate himself from the masses).” Politics has become the game of musical chairs within few families and you are unable to see any new face.

Third the brain drains which is being seen so frequently why? Because there are no job opportunities and young talented minds run away from here in fear of bleak future of the country.  They find their talent is appreciated over there so it is for those that one day you will come back.

Whereas last but most important when leaving beside ethnic riots or parties conflicts, all people get united and all stand under one flag rather having flags of different parties .

In the times of crisis when everywhere there is edginess in the form of target killings that has taken lives of many people or the protests of Young Doctors in which many lives of common persons are lost. Alternate days the strike calls are being taken though the issues are different but the prime motive is to bring the country to halt.

A common man is burdened with the problem of price hike that has broken their back. There is one earner and many mouths to feed and it become hard to live up to their expectations.

But in all this there is a hope that the song depicts through the beautiful words ‘Woh Din Phr Aiga Jab Aisa Hoga Pakistan, Mein tu dekho ga tum bhi dekho ge’ Sure I will also see it is high time that we take the responsibility and play our part in any field we are in. Hope is the only element that keeps us alive and make us believe that it all will get fine but need is to own it.