Khamoshi ka Boycott

We are a silent nation, we do not believe in raising our voice against injustice. We only think that until and unless something is not hurting us it is all right. The situation has deteriorated pretty much and it is due to fear inside us that has made us quiet. This has not only increased the frustration but gradually expands the positive energy within the youth.

Break the Barriers

Djuice is a young network brand that caters to the youth and the new campaign launched by Djuice is a very commendable step by evoking the youth to stand for their own rights and speak up against the wrong acts. It is the need of time and the message behind is very clear: wake up now until it is too late!

There are two campaigns that have been launched one is of booti culture or the cheating which is not uncommon, whereas other one shows the scenario of a young graduate struggling for job. The time is very right as the board exams are at the corner and the cheating will be at its peak. The students who work hard they feel the resentment at the careless attitude of the invigilators who let this happen. Secondly to get good jobs the parchi system is still followed due to which competent people could not come forward. It depicts the true sentiments of the people who are affected with this kind of situation. When you see the inequality you really want to scream because as the silence breaks there is a loud noise but what is needed to channelize this noise in right direction.

A single drop of water makes a large sea, and the initiative has been taken by Djuice. They have provided the platform where the young force may gather and break the norms which has rotten the roots of the nation. It maybe a small step but first step is all what matters towards reaching goal.