You Can Never Be A Good Journalist!

“You can never be a good journalist,” said my course in-charge to me while inquiring about my absence from the class. Though it seemed normal but the impact was enormous. I began to think that why she said this to me?It’s because I did not have the guts to come up myself and ask about her presence for tomorrow or it was due to my coward behavior as stated by her.

Journalist 'at work'

Over the time, I realized it’s true because as a journalist, it is important to be strong and accept your fault with head held high;not only accept it but also rectify it. Deadlines are important in a reporter’s life, you have to complete your story in a time period and if you cannot deliver so you are considered unprofessional. I am not good at following my deadlines and this is not a good trait.

Although these kinds of harsh statements made by our teachers are not to de-motivate us because this is a learning phase for us. Professional life is much callous than the remarks given by our lecturers. But then I do not understand why the practical life is so harsh. Every person is not of same nature though some take these inconsiderate remarks in the positive stride but few are there who just fall back to the ground and give up.

I do know that I won’t fall back and this is one of the lessons which I will always remember because there are few words which just stay with you forever and this is one of them.

I Am A Procrastinator!!

'Not so good feeling' for unfinished tasks

Yes! I procrastinate who puts off important tasks behind for the less significant ones. I always think that I will do this work ‘properly’ tomorrow and that correct time never comes.  Let me elaborate a bit more, I have a habit of doing the work from the start for which I try to make big plans but since the plans are unachievable, I fail miserably.  I think that I will complete my work within the deadline but since I am accustomed to my imaginary perfectionism that I completely make a mess of myself. I also read that one of the reasons for the writer’s block is Procrastination as well; Great! Now this says it all…

It is not new; I remember that even in my school days I use to learn my lessons at the end of my term for which I also have to bear the wrath of my mother. Why I do this? I have no idea and maybe I have actually never thought about it. The practice of leaving it for last moment has actually rooted in my nature and it has become part of my personality. It is never a deliberate effort and I really want to get rid of this. I have endured the consequences of my habit and it is not a good record to share (sheepish smile).

It’s not like I never try to fight with this habit but fortunately my work comes out great in the times of urgency. I am not happy to be (what you call) lazy. Every year I make plans to tackle this habit of mine but all in vain because next year there are more plans to work on. I am not proud of it in fact I really wish to overcome and I am hoping that next month I will beat this! 🙂