Ten things I hate to travel in Public Buses

Off you go in

1)   The foremost, these buses never stop on their bus-stop so there is no point to stand on these stops.  They always make you to jump or alight on the middle of the road so you almost feel like a Superhero or a Tarzan!

2)   Whenever you want to reach your destined place on time, they always move slowly like a snail. You just want to leave the bus and start running.

3)   If there is a race between two buses then you are in the hands of the God because they drive like they are not on the road rather flying F-16 in the sky.

4)   The bus drivers wait for another bus oh yes! Sometimes it goes beyond the limit by the constant shouting of the passengers but the driver pays no heed at all.

5)   The interest of unknown aunty in you and your life who talks aimlessly though you are trying to concentrate in reading the climax of Harry Porter (HP-7) series.

6)   When the bus is crowded especially coming back from university or work. You do not have an inch to stand properly and in that if you step on someone’s foot unintentionally even though you apologize, still be ready to hear the beautiful heavy words from them.

7)   The nastiest of all when the bus driver pricks his nose in front of you and you are just forced to sit there while your heart says you to run away.

8)   Making relation in the bus I do not understand why these bus conductors call you khala or aunty even though at times they are twice your age.

9)   While you are seated comfortably but the person next to you are in deep slumber and put their entire weight on you.

10)               If everything is okay then definitely the tyre gets punctured or any other problem due to which you are being shifted to another bus where you have to stand again unlike in the previous bus where you were seated.


Run for your bus otherwise wait half an hour for another one which sweats you off even in the winter.