Asia’s First Lightweight Formula Racing Car

A group of engineering students from NED University of Science And Technology was awarded the Breakthrough Award at Formula Student Annual Competition 2017. The award was for their formula racing car, which is believed to be Asia’s first lightweight formula racing car.

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lightweight car

Mobile Internet Revolution

Mobile Internet revolution has not only changed the lives of a common man but it has also created a drastic impact on the businesses in emerging markets.

Daily Times Pg A7

Snapshot of the Write-up: Source-Daily Times

Below is the link of my write-up where I have elaborated how the mobile internet revolution helps in promoting business.

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The relationship between Pakistan and United States (US) is just like ‘friendmies’ a term used by Dr. Isobel Coleman at the seminar.
The seminar was arranged at Pakistan American Culture Center (PACC) in collaboration with US Consulate General on Oct 15, 2010. The topic of the seminar was “US Foreign Policy”. PACC invited the students from different universities for the seminar.
All the students gather at the main gate of the premises and from there all went to PACC. The seminar started at 10 a.m. where the Speaker Dr.Isobel Coleman gave her comments on foreign policy of the US.

Seminar: US Foreign Policy

Dr.Isobel Coleman is the Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy and she travels to the Middle East, Afghanistan and deliver lectures about the policies, she has written many books and she works for the organization which is privately funded and this organization also include think tank where 35-40 scholars members are there.
At the seminar, Dr. Coleman said the US does not focus more on the foreign policy they show more concern towards their country. Whoever comes in the government they pertain to interest of their own country. She was supportive to the aid given by US for the flood relief victims in Pakistan and she objected the media of Pakistan for not projecting the true picture.
She informed two major issues concerned to the US that are immigration and security which may become problematic for the non-native business people who want to build their business at America.
In replying to the question of the aid that why not America go for trade instead of aid? On which she showed her agreement but she also stated that there are concerns over nuclear issues with Pakistan. Dr.Coleman also commented to aid that many of the aides got disappeared as it reached here they prefered to work with private organizations where the accountability counted.
In the end of the seminar the flowers were given as a token of thanks by the Director of PACC. Students of Jinnah University for Women, SZABIST and Iqra University participated in this seminar. Refreshments were also served at the concluding session.
A seminar like this may help us to understand each other but this may not solve any problem because for this action is the need of time which so far all in vain.