Mood swing

Different moods at one time

At morning you are happy, cheerful but as soon as the day enters into dusk, you become sad and wretched. The sudden change of mood is out of your understanding. It seems like your heart is wrenched with pain and there is a void that you cannot replenish. You want to weep but your tears have dried out. If this happens there is nothing to worry because you have been stung by the pang of mood swing. Literally it means the rapid or sudden change of mood.

You are unhappy for no reason but you are. You feel that something is missing but you do not have any idea what it is? Nothing appears to excite you. It is either the hormones or any incident that happens which change your mood from good to worse. But this happens with everyone that an instant you are fine and the other moment you feel miserable.

On the other hand if you try to talk in your mood swing that makes the situation worse. For instance, if you talk to your mother and instead of listening; she gets anxious and begins to advice you. Although it really helps a lot in many occasions but at that time any advice does not elevate your mood.
However, when this happens with me like today I do not talk to anybody instead I find the solace in slumber. Although I also feel that meditation and even a visit to a soothing place will help to lift up the mood.