Technology Makes Life Easier for Working Women in Today’s Era

technologyResearch reveals that working women have to bear so much stress because they have to juggle between two jobs. On the one end they have to look after their family and on the other, tension for their work. Therefore these women have to maintain a balance between the two.

Back in the times, it might be a challenge for working women to bring up children and focus on their career due to far less technological advancement. However, now with the aid of modern technology the women of today can stay organized and prepare their routine perfecting the balancing act between work and family life.

Gone were the days when these working women used to come back home from work and gave themselves away to the kitchen and household chores for hours at a stretch.  Now they have more technological facilities to falter on and hence seem to manage their household efficiently by using modern-day electronic home appliances.

Now working women do not have to compromise on the health of their family. Microwave ovens, regular ovens and other modern home appliances have made cooking easy which means one do not have to drudge long in kitchen. The hardest part of getting meals on the table is what to cook with the ingredients on hand. But with different recipe apps or cooking shows online have helped women to sift through millions of recipes from leading sites all over the Internet. The best online recipes often include step-by-step photo tutorials or even instructional videos, so it’s easier than ever to step out of your comfort zone.

Furthermore, today’s technology empowers these working women to stay connected with their children and their family through mobile phones or even social networking. Keeping a family organized and all on the same page is no small feat.



Stay Connected

One of the other perks of technology that women enjoyed most is the flexibility to work from home. One doesn’t have to leave their sick kids home with a relative or maid and worry about them the entire day at work. Thanks to laptop and the internet they can always stay connected and on the go in terms of their work, without missing out on the lives of their kids.

Managing time is a big task for the working women. In the past, one has to wait in a queue for long hours to pay bills. However, in today’s times with online banking and online transaction, it has made lives easier for working women. They can pay their bills without missing the due date.

Similarly online shopping is prevalent in today’s working women.  One does not have to roam around the malls to shop for their favorite dress or for any household item. You are just one click away to buy your sought-after item. This is one of the best ways to shop for your clothes, accessories, gadgets and even groceries. One of the advantages of online shopping is that women can save a lot of time while investing their precious time to their family.


Juggling their Way Out

Juggling different roles from being a caregiver, home financier and sometimes a chef is what women have been trying to do for centuries. The only difference is that today women have more facilities which probably women of yesteryear didn’t have it.  The technological advances of this age enable working women the opportunity to maintain their status as competent and effective employees that contribute to the business’ success, without neglecting their offspring or household duties.


Ways to Connect through Social Media

Who is not known to Facebook?  You are a student, employee in any firm or even a home person everyone is

World of Social Media

familiar with the famous social network.  It has become our habit to upload the status for even the minuscule work we do. We upload the photos so that everyone can see what we are doing. It is considered ‘cool’ to be seen as active in the world of Facebook (fb).  Though fb is mostly to connect with friends and family, there are others like LinkedIn and twitter that are also becoming popular day by day.

Recently I read an article which actually describes about how you can gain advantage from social media.  It actually explains the five ways to get social with these social networks. Firstly to start anything, you should have clear aim of what is the use and why you want to use it? Secondly the article focuses on to channelized your energy into the right direction which means that only join those communities that are beneficial for you. It is necessary to be heard by people. Thirdly to influence to take action this is manifested in the Egypt revolution. There was a young Egyptian-born Wael Ghonim, who is a senior marketing executive at Google who actually uses the Facebook page for the mutiny in the Egypt that causes Hosni Mubarak to step down as President. Whereas, fourth and last is to listen to your audience-for instance if you write an article and share it in the Facebook so you receive the comments from your network friends. Whereas, if write a blog there are feedbacks by the readers which help you in your further writing. Though at times they exaggerate a lot, but there are some who criticize positively and they are your real feed backers.

All in all, it is an interesting piece and an informative one as well.  Although it is because of one line that really impels me to read the article: “Silence in itself conveys a message, so listen carefully!”