Ki and Ka: Another Failed Attempt in Countering Gender-based Stereotype

Ki and Ka

“It’s not a conflict between man and woman or who works more and who not, it’s about who bring home money,” summing up the entire concept of the movie.

In our Asian culture, a woman’s place is in the kitchen and man has to go outside for earning. A man who does not have job is considered worthless or in other words impotent whereas woman who is ambitious and wants to pursue her dreams is regarded as selfish.

R Balki’s new release ‘Ki and Ka’ challenges these gender stereotypes that have hijacked our society for so long. There is no denying that the movie portrays a noble concept but is it really about breaking gender stereotype or merely a story of role exchange?

The movie sets the pace with the first scene where Kiya (Kareena Kapoor), an independent career woman, was gulping down booze at her friend’s wedding. Over there she heard the trite conversation between her friend’s in-laws and her parents of how the new bride would be likearjun-kareena759 a support system to her husband. Kiya cannot tolerate of such nonsense and right there and then she out rightly snapped back on a patriarch mindset.

Unlike other girls, Kiya doesn’t want to settle down and raise kids; she is a strong-headed corporate achiever who wants to have a name of her own.  On other hand, Kabir, an MBA topper, aspires to be like his mother-a homemaker, in his words an ‘artist’.  He is a modern atypical man who is not afraid of showing his emotions publicly.

They had their first encounter in plane where Kabir was sobbing by recalling his mother. Rather empathizing with him, Kiya makes fun of him. However, the brief bantering led up to conversation and with that they started meeting each other. Both end up marrying each other where Kiya became the man in the relationship and Kabir, having no ambitions to work in a cut-throat environment, stayed back at home.

Kiya’s mother (Swaroop Sampat) was all right with their thought a2process but Kabir’s father (Rajit Kapoor) was not happy at all. He also taunted his son by saying who man wants to stay at home and live-off on his wife’s money.

Ki and Ka narrative falls short of projecting unconventional and tough relationship goals while the movie is just another extension of Bollywood cliché.  Being an independent woman is not about having no pregnancy or fretting over it. Or being a home-husband doesn’t mean that you have to clean, cook or look after home.  The idea of gender equality in a relationship is more about working out together for the same goal and not limit them with mere role exchange as depicted in the movie.

The movie deludes you into thinking that Balki may be challenging the status quo but the change is purely cosmetic and superficial.  It is just story of role reversal where man stays at home and woman goes 426704-ki-and-ka-collageoutside to work. That’s about it. By nature Kabir is a man and Kiya is a woman. His reactions are men’s reactions, no self-loathing, confident and being rationale while Kiya overreact, thinks too much and an emotionally driven person.

The brilliant cameo of Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan in the movie underlining the gender debate let you re-evaluate the situation carefully.  It questions the gender equality by posing some serious questions.

There is not much to say about Kareena and Arjun’s acting. The performance lacks depth and is just bland.  The narration is a reflection of Balki’s inconsistent writing. The characters lack lucidity and few 461252-ki-and-ka-ssscenes were just a drag in the movie.

The idea of one being superior to the other is deep-rooted in our psyche which needs to be changed. But if you think that Balki’s movie will bring that change so you are wrong. It may have touched the subject of role reversal but it’s not a strong voice against gender stereotyping. In fact it doesn’t touch any chord of your heart.

Watch it only if you want to have a few laughs and want to see a husband doing cleaning and looking after a home for a change!


Safe Haven–a simple story of loving again!


Love is beautiful; enchanting as it appears, enliven your life with joy. Every time a person falls in love feels ecstatic because the power of love is so strong; this cannot be defied back.  Love is the prime element that brings two people close to each other; ultimately leading to a solid relation as ‘soul-mate. Relationships based on love and support cherishes togetherness and provides a sense of safety with your lover. The movie ‘Safe Haven’ narrates the whole notion of feeling secure in a relationship.

The story is very simple; a young girl falls in love with a guy, they share good moments with each other and at the end live happily ever after.  Now, here is the twist, this girl (Katie) was already married off to a police officer who lived in Boston…however he was alcoholic  and used to beat his wife Katie. One day it went beyond beating to killing and to rescuing herself, Katie hit her husband hard and just ran away to the quietest and smaller town named South-port in North Carolina in order to hide her secret. There she met Alex who was a widower with two children. His wife died long ago as she suffered from cancer.  Alex and Katie form a romantic relationship with each other, whereas his daughter Lexie accepted her immediately, Alex’s son Josh took a while to get used to Katie.

Meanwhile, Katie met Jo who became her good friend.  The bond between these two lovers gradually became strong but in the end Katie’s dark secret confronted her who apparently was her abusive husband who got killed Cherished togethernesswhile Katie was trying to safe herself. The other part is dramatic but truly gave a good twist at the end. Jo was not only Katie’s friend but also she was Alex’s dead wife; oh yes! She was a spirit.Therefore, everything is well that ends well.

The movie is inspired from famous novelist Nicholas Sparks book ‘Safe Haven’ who is also noted for his other best-seller novels; Notebook, the lucky one and so on so forth.  Screenplay of the movie was little weak but overall a pure love story which has every other ingredients to move you in a good way.  Moreover, there were subtle performances by the actors who have kept very natural.  Other than that, there were times when the movie drags along the time, but few of the twists that were kept till the end did make it interesting.

Loving again

Loving again

Having said that, the concept of the movie is simple; love can happen any time. It’s not essential that first love is the true love, further having an abusive relation at first attempt should not refrain someone from loving again…Despite of hurtful past in Katie’s life,   she met Alex who happened to be her true soul-mate so love is just unpredictable.

All in all, I still recommend this movie; why? Because it is a treat to watch a movie having beautiful scenery and amazingly sweet love story … So, if you want to spend a good and soothing weekend, this movie is just the right choice!

The Lost valentine–a romantic ride

“Love is not about giving up, it’s about holding on to it” a line that really tells about this movie. Sounds cliché but the movie leaves a beautiful, mesmerizing effect to someone who has ever been in love. Love is definitely a matter of heart because logic is nowhere near when it comes to love. You do things which you would never ever imagine to do; though researchers say that it is because of the release of chemicals that incites the magic when two people are in love. Whatever the reasons maybe, fact is that it is still a very strong emotion that is undefinable.

Long-Lost Love

The lost valentine is a story of longing for the lost love.  This drama movie revolves around two women, one is Susan Allison (Jennifer love Hewitt); a reporter and other is of Caroline Thomas (played by Betty White);whose husband was declared missing in action during the period of World War 2. It opens up with Caroline sitting at Union Station, the place where she bade farewell to her husband Thomas 65 years ago.Her undying love towards her husband was the reason that she religiously went to station every year on valentine to honor the only love of her life. These two women meet through Caroline’s grandson Lucas (a character played by Sean Farris ) who wants to share his grandparents beautiful love story with the world. Susan is a television reporter who was assigned to do a profile of Caroline. Susan though skeptical of true love phenomenon also had a long time relation with Andrew who coincidentally proposed to her, but it did not work out. However, Susan got inclined towards Lucas while interviewing his grandmother, and in the meantime she also succeeded to help Caroline in the search of Lieutenant Thomas after 65 years.

The last scene almost touched the heart where Caroline saw the coffin of her dead husband after so many years  and the way she cried her heart out; it just felt close to the heart. However, on one hand, Caroline celebrates the finding of her lost love, though on other hand Susan is elated for her new-found love.

New-found Love (Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sean Farris)

The movie, actually based on the novel by James Micheal Pratt has a nice feel and combines with pure and honest love which is not to make one feel miserable; it’s about living life with the feeling of being loved by someone at some point.  Moments that you spend with your loved one are most precious which no one can erased and it is always with you, even if the person is no more with you.

So, if anyone is interested to watch a sweet and simple love story, this is the movie for you to recollect those memories that once made you ‘happy’.

Here is the link below, have fun this weekend

Morning Glory

All about Rating GameEverything is done for ratings now-a-days, be it news channels or entertainment channels, they are all in a rat-race to beat one another. You flip the channels and what you see the morning shows, talk shows and even the news are filled with full-on drama and entertainment. Producers and anchors are trying to work with new concepts-a different show, a novel idea to achieve higher viewership and if that does not work, they might end up taking the low road. “Morning Glory” gives the insight of what happens when you need that one moment to shine out.

The film’s script is by Aline Brosh McKenna, who is also the writer of “The Devil Wears Prada.” The director is the Roger Michell, who is also responsible for “Notting Hill,” “Venus” and the best of the Jane Austen films, 1995’s “Persuasion.”

The movie takes you to the journey of one young passionate morning TV-show producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) as she tries her level best to prove to the world that she is good at her job. After getting fired from her job as a producer of a morning television program, she begins to wonder if her professional dreams will ever come true. After flooding all nearby television networks with résumé, she ends up taking a show out of desperation despite an average salary. Her new job is as the executive producer of Daybreak; a novice talk and morning news show which is not up to the mark as of their contemporaries.

Desperate to make a quick impression on her new boss (Jeff Goldblum), Becky begins implementing ambitious ideas, and brings in irritable veteran journalist Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to give a fresh face for the show. The trouble, however, is that Mike wants nothing to do with Becky or Daybreak – he is instead forced to contractually continue his hosting duties, and does so with the bare minimum of enthusiasm. With the show that is almost to reach to its end due to no ratings, Becky looks to shake up the old routine by making the show fun and exciting, while at the same time attempting to harbor a budding relationship with fellow producer Adam Benet ( Patrick Wilson).

This is a film which takes a peek behind the curtain of television newscasts; revealing that everything is not as tidy and ordered as it seems on the air. The behind-the-scenes material is superb; depicting the daily show meetings, the goings-on within the control booth, the interoffice joking and bickering that emerges, and the imaginative strategy which are implemented to raise the ratings. Despite the apparently dull nature of this material, it is watchable, and the Becky is an easy character to like. The strong point of the movie is its cast and the female lead that holds the movie with her mature acting. Though Ford despite of his immense acting talent was not up to the mark.

Added to this, Morning Glory is the movie that raises the question of feeding the minds with the news or the entertainment. It is important to stick with the principles rather giving it up in the battle of the rating game.