Anonymous Letter To a Friend

Dear Anonymous,
There are so many people in my life whom i have interacted with but you are someone whom I will never forget. It is not like no one has pulled my attention but your simplicity admires me.
You have maintained yourself with self dignity and there is a poise in you which is really captivating.You have a carefree nature yet you never show your anger or any kind of emotion. You keep up a poker face.
I have always seen your head cover though once I see you without veil and I must say you have innocent face irrespective of your strong tone.
As aptly says, “Simplicity is the jewel of a beauty” and I agree with the phrase after meeting you. You are simple yet you are a person of vibrancy and full of life. Your personality depicts optimism which also creates positive energy around anyone whom you are with.

I am glad to know you.