Beautify with Bottle Gourd


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Native to Asia and Africa, bottle gourd (colloquially known as lauki) may not be a choice of food for many people due to its bland taste. However, this green vegetable is increasingly gaining popularity among the fitness enthusiasts because of its high fibre content and low calories that help shed a few extra pounds, in addition to myriad health benefits. However, if you think that the bottle gourd is just a nutritional powerhouse, take a look at other benefits this versatile vegetable can provide in terms of beauty and healthcare.

  • Reinvigorates your skin. Prepare a mask by mixing chopped bottle gourd and cucumber with three tablespoons of yoghurt and gram flour; blend into a paste, apply for 20 minutes and then rinse off with water. You can use this face pack up to two times a week; the moisturising properties of vitamin E in this face pack will help remove dead skin cells, white heads and black heads, leaving your skin soft and supple. Also, if you want to remove tan lines and wrinkles, then rub the pulp of bottle gourd in a circular motion on your face and neck and leave it on for a few minutes twice a week.
  • Removes puffiness from your eyes. Take two round slices of refrigerated bottle gourd and place it on your eyes and relax for 20 minutes. Thanks to its high water content, this will help refresh your eyes and reduce the swelling around your eyes.
  • Boosts your hair health. Make a homemade hair pack with handful of chopped bottle gourd, two tablespoons of amla powder and few drops of olive oil and blend into a smooth paste. Apply on your hair strands for 35-40 minutes and then rinse off using regular shampoo. Doing this twice a week will make your hair glossy, strong and dandruff-free.
  • Cures your insomnia. Mix a few drops of bottle gourd juice with sesame oil and massage your scalp with this concoction regularly before going to bed; this will help you sleep better.

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