Adopt Preemptive Measures for Energy Conservation

heat-wave_zpsc926c86dImagine you forget to turn off the TV before dozing off; you do not turn off the air conditioner before leaving room; you are out of office but your computer system remains plugged in. You have been doing this all along throughout the day without even realizing that you are in fact wasting energy.

Out of all the problems that we are facing at the moment, energy seems to be the most annoying one and still we as a nation do not stop wasting energy in one way or other.

Pakistan is already an energy deficient country where electricity load management is one of the biggest challenges faced by the policy makers.

Summer is the worst period in the country as the demand of electricity increases, adding stress on equipment, causing power outages due to excessive use of energy consumption.

With the possible heat wave that hit the province including Karachi, it’s imperative for the people to avoid wasting energy and focus on ways to conserve energy.

Energy conservation is key factor during heat wave. This year’s heat wave is considered to be of higher intensity compared to last year which killed more than 1400 lives.

It’s true that ‘Old habits die hard’ but saving energy is not a difficult task. By following simple yet effective measures an individual can play an effective role as a responsible citizen:

Reduce Electricity Use during Peak Hours of Energy Use

One may not cut electricity consumption but reserving the energy-intensive tasks for off-peak hours can reduce the rate one pays to the power company. Moreover, businesses should shift power-intensive work processes to morning or evening hours.

Shut Off Electrical Equipment While Leaving A Room

Before dozing off, do remember to switch off the TV, in this way one might save megawatts. Electricity-DESIGN-MOHSIN-ALAM-191884-640x480Likewise, plug off the computer system will save 60 MW. It’s important to keep in mind that never leave any electric appliance in standby mode because it can sip away energy and install good quality UPS as it will help to save around 20-30 percent electricity.

Use Energy Savers

The incessant use of incandescent bulbs and tube lights in homes or offices consumes about 90 percent of energy and use only 10 percent to light up the home so it’s better to replace them by using 23MW energy savers which will save around 75 percent energy.

Curtail the Usage of Air-Conditioners

We have the habit of misusing the facility that provides convenience to us for instance refrigerator or AC especially in summer season, the usage of AC shoots up resulted in high utility bills, however if one keeps their AC Thermostat on 24°C and get its filter serviced regularly so a 30 percent reduction in bill is witnessed.

Limit How Often You Open Your Refrigerator Door.

Avoid keeping the hot food directly into refrigerator as it will increase the energy consumption and also service the compressor or leakages of gaskets in fridge regularly to save energy.

Unplug Electrical equipment During Power Outage

During a power outage, turn off and unplug any unnecessary electrical equipment. Furthermore try to use flashlights, instead of candles for lighting during a power outage as they may pose a significant fire hazard.

Widespread Plantation

More trees need to be planted across the city as it also helps in reducing carbon footprint in the environment. It also lowers the severity of the heat

energy-conservation1Conserving energy is not only about having a reduced electricity bill but it is also about changing lifestyle. There is a need to change the nation’s behavior towards energy conservation that could only be achieved through regular sharing of information on the subject through newspapers, television, internet and obviously social media.



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