Book Review-Double Standards

Judith double standardsEvery story has some purpose which needs to be redefined once it is revealed. Judith McNaught‘s novel ‘Double Standards’ intrigue the reader to read story from cover to cover. Reading her novel is like journeying through a romantic experience while it also acts as a hideout for those who want to get away from chaotic life by immersing themselves in a never-ending romantic adventure.

The story revolves around two characters; Lauren Daner and Nick Sinclair. Like every other novel, the male protagonist was an ideal person who was super rich and had chiseled features whereas female character was pretty and innocent. Nick had a Casanova image and just because all his trust and ability to love were taken away after Nick’s mother, Caroline remarried and turned away, ignoring him after his father died. To protect himself from hurt, Nick had always kept women at a safe distant, and under manageable conditions. Now, he was still charming and handsome but very reserved, with an iron-willed self-control. Lauren Danner was the first to get under his skin. He was charmed by her wit and genuinely like her courage and even her stubbornness. She also presented a challenge for she refused to have a ‘sleazy affair’ (as she called it) with him. The passion of romance was obvious every time both characters were together.  Regardless of all abandonment and deception, Nick finally found true love. No surprise there right 🙂

Judith’s every love story ends with happily ever after and this novel is also no different from rest of her stories. Nevertheless for all those love-struck people I think they should read her works once. I am sure they will love the fantasy world which she created through her writings.

Happy Reading 🙂



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