13 Traits Only Booklovers Will Understand

Are you passionate about books? Are you the kind of person who likes to carry his/her books everywhere? I mean literally everywhere (no, bathroom is not the right place to take your book). Do you feel like to read every minute of your day? Do you feel a part of your missing when you can’t read any day? Is book the only reason of your existence? Okay probably a bit of exaggeration but nonetheless if you nod to all of my questions so here is good news for you; you are a booklover! Yes, you are deeply, madly in love with books. Okay, I have repeated the word ‘book’ many times in a single paragraph but then this blog is all about loving your books. Every booklover has about similar characteristics which connect them with each other. Here are 13 points which I think every booklover can relate to:

Booklovers Smell Books

Guilty as charged! Whenever I get hold of any new book or matter-of-fact tumblr_m46o86LVoj1qbsprjsecond-hand so one of the first things I do is not reading but I smell the pages. The smell of ink inscribed on those pages opens up your mind to a world of fantasy. It’s kind of an addiction and I suppose every book that passes through the hands of a booklover is sure to get a thorough sniff once in a lifetime.

Solitude is better than people

Booklovers are not introverts but it’s a fact that nothing gives them immense pleasure than being around books rather people.  Being alone tumblr_n6jokzHvO31sdo33qo2_r1_400magnifies their excitement than socializing with every other person. Booklovers believe that one gains more knowledge through reading than talking to people and books could be a better source of comfort than words from another person.

Prefer to Carry books anywhere and everywhere

Rory-Gilmore-I-Take-Books-With-Me-Everywhere-Gilmore-GirlsBooklovers love carrying books anywhere and everywhere either bus, café, workplace or to any party (if only my parents allow me, I would definitely take my book along especially to tiresome wedding proceedings).  They love to pass their leisure time by reading books like I try to squeeze my book reading during breaks at workplace and I also read while commuting back and forth between home and office. Booklovers feel empty without books and it’s the mere reason of their existence.

Bookstore is like going on a shopping spree

Booklovers are fascinated by bookshops. They are very lazy when it comes HSMTmeMy36pzto shopping but the only time they are elated when shopping is focused much on buying more books for their shelf.  The bookstore is a booklover’s dreamland in the same way as the restaurant is a foodie’s comfort place.

Book Library; a temporary getaway for booklovers

Booklovers are readers and they like to be surrounded by books.anigif_enhanced-5300-1424220960-8 That’s why they spend much of their time in libraries. They feel serene and secure at this place.  They know what the essence of a book is to their intellectual growth and for that they are willing to pay any price to get one. Library is like a candy store for booklover where they can get a handful of candies under one roof. They can spend ample amount of time at this place while having no qualms in disconnecting themselves from the outside world.

Booklovers are tentative to lending books

chloe-moretz-books-mean-a-lotYes, this is a dilemma for all booklovers. They are reluctant to lend books to anyone, I mean ANYONE! Books are their only assets and lending a book is a nightmare for them. They find it so difficult to let go of their books.

Don’t change bookmark place else bear consequence

The annoying habit that booklovers loath most is the changing ofmyahqc422h2 bookmark place in their book. Mind it! This is not funny at all and doing such act will cause consequence in the form of unsolicited hysteria which I think you will not be able to handle it.

Booklovers hate when someone asks why they read so much

anigif_enhanced-23546-1422989104-6I do not understand why people question about your voracious reading habits. What’s wrong in abundance reading?  There are so many people, who are addicted to Smartphone, video games or fashion but are never looked upon up with inquisitiveness. Reading defines booklovers and what they are capable of. Therefore stop asking such irritating questions because booklovers are chronic readers, that’s it! Period!

Engrossed in a book

Especially I am knee-deep into a good book, it can be easy to book lover 1forget that there’s a world outside those pages. I have certainly been guilty of putting the world on pause while I am immersed in a book, even when I have to be functional and, you know, do things like talk to people per se.

Idea of a Perfect Weekend

If anyone put up an option to booklover either hangout or book anigif_optimized-3989-1436962897-8reading, I am definite that majority of booklovers will prefer to stay around books. For booklovers, a perfect way to spend weekend is to be with books.  Through reading, booklovers transition to a different place and time, they would prefer to either include it in a perfect holiday or make reading one their ideal vacation experience.

Love book as gifts

Books are the best friends for any booklover. It’s a treat for book6booklover to receive books in the form of gifts. So next time if you want to buy me a gift you know what to buy for me. I would love my gifts without wrapping paper unless they are books

Reaction to a non-book lover

anigif_enhanced-buzz-6737-1425616430-7Booklovers prefer people who have similar fondness for books.  A non-reader is a negative force; therefore booklovers keep up a distance from all non-readers

Choose a favorite book

8872184As a booklover, I never understand that

which book is my favorite.  I mean you have infinite choices of books and to pick one favorite book is like searching a pearl in sea of shells.


5 thoughts on “13 Traits Only Booklovers Will Understand

  1. Rofaida says:

    I completely understand everything you wrote. In my opinion, booklovers are just different-but in a good way 😉


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