Knight in Shining Armor: Helping Women in the Pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle

The human brain works wonders, most we are unaware of, however it needs fuel to keep energized otherwise we shall become nothing

Healthy lifestyle is key to happiness: Online

Healthy lifestyle is key to happiness: Online

more than mere zombies. An active mind is not just a choice, but a necessity to stay ahead of the game.  The age-old mantra, ‘We

are what we eat’, means to lead a healthy lifestyle we have to eat healthy. But unfortunately we live in a fast-paced world where eating junk is easier and probably cheaper than following a healthy diet.

In this day and age both men and women have to work along each other to make ends meet.  In a country like Pakistan, working women have lots of responsibilities; not only do they have to earn, but are expected to be homemakers as well. As they juggle various responsibilities, their main concern mostly remains the health of their family.  However, it’s hard for them to invest more time in cooking proper meals, because of daily challenges; hence these women usually end up compromising on a healthy diet.

Advance kitchen appliances i.e. microwaves have made lives easier for women of today, but usually these microwaves have limited features; most just reheat and defrost. Moreover, one more disadvantage of these microwaves is that it cooks dishes non-desi dishes, serving no purpose to our local household. Hence, women in Pakistan have been reluctant to use it for daily cooking needs.

Health is wealth: Online

Cooking food in a healthy style: Online

Keeping in perspective the hassles of today’s women, certain local appliance brands have recently introduced innovative microwaves to solve their woes. Enriched with features such as grilling, and quick healthy meals along with built-in ‘desi’ recipes, these microwaves are custom-made to assist in our search for a healthy lifestyle.

‘A healthy outside starts from the inside’, therefore emphasis is not on having a scrumptious meal but it should be healthy too.  These microwave ovens dispel the misconception about zapping away the nutrient value from food. Food cooked in microwaves is as nutritious as food cooked in a conventional way. One precautionary measure is the use of microwave safe utensils to cook or heat food instead of plastic containers as it can melt due to excessive heat. With this caution, equal amount of heat is provided to food and as a result, the nutrient value of the food remains intact.

Some of the microwaves also come with another innovative offering: insect repellent technology.



This technology ensures that insects, usually found in kitchens, stay away from the inside of the microwave oven, ensuring proper hygienic standards are maintained before and after cooking.

No longer do women need to worry about a healthy diet for their family, as these microwaves are nothing short of a knight in shining metallic armor.  With these uniquely featured microwave ovens, one does not need to compromise on health due to shortage of time.

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