Honoring Pride of Karachi

The city ‘Karachi’ with all its exuberance has a tendency to embrace every wanderer and seeking soul in its arms. It gives

Captivating event by K-Electric

Captivating event by K-Electric

hopes and dreams to all those seekers who traveled to this place in hope to make it big in their lives. This city thrives on arts, literature, sports and music that epitomized the diversity of its inhabitants. As it’s also called city of lights, the reason behind its glow are those high-spirited individuals who believe in this city and has never ever given up regardless of how worse the situations become.

In truth, these individuals realize the worth of this city which has given them so much. Regardless of valuing fame or monetary benefits and abandoning this city in difficult times, they step ahead and instill a sense of ownership of this city. These individuals are the real jewels of the city whose passion and determination let them cross all hurdles. Their perseverance and optimism have played a vital role in rejuvenating the spirit of the wavering city.

Unfortunately, we as a nation are accustomed in forgetting our heroes and instead of being inspired by these individuals; we are greatly influenced by those who are in power. However, it is imperative to acknowledge such heroes who through their services have made significant contributions in the prosperity of the city. As Imran Aslam, the eminent journalist, through his book ‘Pride of Karachi’ said, “It is up to all of us. We must not abdicate our responsibilities to the city that has given us so much light.”

Commemorating 100 years for being a power supplier to Karachi, K-Electric through its ‘Pride of Karachi Awards’ ceremony has honored some of the remarkable individuals who worked up through challenging days in their lives. The purpose of awarding these individuals is to recognize their untiring efforts that drive them to move forward irrespective of any impediments found towards ascension. The awardees belong to different walks of life, broadly dividing into five major categories such as Leaders, Visionaries and Social Change Makers, Literature, Performing& Visual Arts, Arts& Architecture and Sports.

Little Master-Mohammad Hanif

Little Master-Mohammad Hanif

All the recipients were very elated to receive their awards and also appreciated the step taken by KE which entails provision of lifetime free electricity to the winners.

Beaming with delight, former cricket player known as original little Master Hanif Mohammad states, “KE award is a dream comes true. After years of spending a retired life, we are almost forgotten by this nation but I am so happy that KE remembers me for this honour.”

Another noteworthy personality, Abdul Sattar Edhi, a renowned philanthropist, expressed his gratitude on receiving the award and lauded the efforts of the company, while he remarked, “The initiative that KE has taken to recognize and also work towards bringing social change in the city is highly commendable.”

Philanthropist-Abdul Sattar Edhi

Philanthropist-Abdul Sattar Edhi

Seeing all these individuals, one may question that what is one common factor among all these extraordinary personalities that set them apart from others? The answer is simple; motivation to do something! KE’s endeavor to recognize and honor these amazing talents is just a way to pay back to the society. A former hockey player Anwer Ahmed Khan is of the opinion that such initiatives will also motivate many others to come forward and do their best for folks.

The relation of KE with the city is quite old; it gives light to the city which primarily founded the notion as ‘city of lights’. Along with the city, the power utility has also seen challenging days. By highlighting the success of these individuals, KE has not only fulfilled its social responsibility but also tries to be a change agent in the society.

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