Standing against Wrong!

What happens when you finally voice out your opinion for the unbearable harassment that you have to face for around three months? You are ridiculed, you are blamed for having filth in your minds; you are indirectly under suspicion in everyone’s eyes and all this for what? Only because you stand for something and you do not want to endure anymore.

I used to work in a private company that provided van service to the ladies; a facility which is a need of almost every working lady. I was the first one to be picked by the van driver, and as it was my first job so I did not have any idea of how to deal in professional way. Soon I realized that the van driver talked aimlessly without any reason with me. I tried to ignore even when he talked ill about some of the senior members of my office. I preferred to be quiet only because I knew by my experience in university that if you tried to complain of anything, it comes all on you.

This is the commonly practiced principle used over here. Later, he made the big issue of not greeting him and I quote his words: ‘If no one greets me so I will not pick any female from next day even if I have to leave the job.’ He started misbehaving with me.  I remained quiet and only shared with my mother because I had this presumption that if I did, no action would be taken or maybe it was only my fear at that moment because from our younger age we are being told to remain silent at the face of wrongdoing.

However, after few days it just got out of my hand and I decided to take a stand by talking to my other van fellows. When I discussed with my other van colleagues, so I realized how wrong I was! He used to behave badly with every other female. At that time we decided to take a stand against his reckless behavior.  I and my other van fellows wrote an application against the driver’s conduct. Once the complain was submitted, he was called in by the administration of the company and was severely warned. But instead of rectifying his mistake, he got offensive. Next day, he started picking the ladies according to his wish and sometimes if he didn’t want to so he would not pick any of the lady. It became unbearable, and again we complained regarding his behavior but instead of taking action against him, we were suggested to compromise. We did not let it go away easily and therefore in order to validate our point, we initiated the silent protest in which we abandon the van facility and took public bus instead.  Unfortunately, what stunned me that the only solution to this problem, the company found out was to end the van facility completely. I mean they could have change the driver but no they went for the easy way-out!

However, what astonished me more is the behavior of other female staff in our office that had not gone through the horrible experience, they begun to blame the other half of the affected females, I was really appalled that how easily these few women targeted on our characters without even giving a second thought.

We always stress on the fact that the workforce is dominated by men and that’s why they try to pull down the women. We also heard that men do not give due position to the women as these women deserved. If women face any wrongdoings so men are the first ones who try to mock and blame the women. This incident made me realize that it’s not always the men who try to blame women but at times, a woman is the actual foe of other woman and instead of providing support to their own gender they are the ones who try to pull each other down.


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