Realisation-an art to own fault and move on!

Hope gives you a reason to live

Hope gives you a reason to live

Realization is an art; it is learned only when you are ready to accept that whatever happens; it happens for good. This is no easy art because for an individual who is entirely absorbed in its past life, cannot realize that things or events were not meant to stay for long. Letting go is the next step after realization. Sulking over past will just make a person miserable as one is not able to concentrate on the present which is happening just now. The vulnerability of a person varies but only the learning of leaving past in the past will make it easy for one to learn the art of realization. This is not an easy task because it needs a lot of encouragement from within.

However the question arises that how can one learn to realize and starts making peace with its past?

Let’s say each passing moment adds up to your past. You have no control on time but yes! You definitely have a control over your decisions. One wrong decision and you throw your entire life into pits. Decision once made in your life especially a bad one can change the entire course of life.  You have to suffer the consequences of your bad decision whole life. After a while, you start getting irritated and in the meantime, your sleep pattern changes completely due to which you feel grogginess whole day.

Just let it go!

Just let it go!

But this is just a phase which can take only a day or few more days. The bad feeling depends on an individual because it is just a matter of ‘realising’ that now once the decision is made, either good or bad has been made, it cannot be undone. So why go on that path by which you cannot come back!

Life is made up of good or bad decisions, sometimes one fail and sometimes one just shines through. You don’t have control on time and consequence of your decisions. But what you have in your hand is to let it go and realize the essence of experience.

Each new decision teaches you a lifetime lesson but the moment of realization is within you. How soon you want to forget and carry on with your life which is slipping by your hand each day, entirely depends on a person. Once the art of realization is discovered, the path becomes easy to walk. Burdening oneself over the past’s triviality will only make one’s life worse and suffocated. Revealing oneself to the truth of life’s unpredictability will change the way of thinking, which ultimately helps one to move forward instead of lingering in the past.

So, embrace what comes to you because sitting back and regretting about your past is an easy way out but embracing the unexpected avenues of life will take you places. Carry on with the quest until you succeed!

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