Television; bad habit or a way-out on my bizarre days!

Some day you feel good but some days are just simply boring. You lie on a couch, having a remote on one hand and your eyes fixed on television while you are constantly changing channels.  It just seems life has

Television: an addiction or way-out

Television: an addiction or way-out

reached at static state where you have nowhere to go. Yesterday was one of these days when I felt weary. Each part of my body was aching even though I had not exercise for a week.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my studies are over and I was so fed up of my job that I left it. Don’t ask a word how bad I feel now!! I remember my mother advised me not to make a hasty decision regarding job but I was on some high road that I didn’t listen my mother and even my father. They are very sweet as they always support me. Actually not always but especially from past four years; they finally realized I would not listen to them and do as I wished to do so why sweat? I do love my parents and also love my sister; my only sibling who is going to be married on December this year. It’s an exciting moment but still yesterday I felt a regular day which I used to feel when I didn’t achieve any goal in my life.

So, how to cope with all of my boredom and emotional turbulence? I reconnected with my old love and that is Television! People waste their time watching television just like me. I had a bad memory but I do remember that I always loved to watch TV; I was a movie buff and nobody could make me to do any work while watching movie. However, sadly this was not once in a week, in my free times I watched a lot of movies so that made every other day I suppose. So basically I wasted a lot of time; in my student years when I was in tenth grade and had my board exam paper I loved watching TV; even during 12th grade exams I had not prepared well for my papers but instead of studying , I prefer watching dramas or any stupid movie between gaps  in the board exam. Though every time I did make a decision to end this habit but on every exam I used to forget my commitment and fall for an idiot box. So my relation with television is quite old; in times of tension I start watching TV no matter what kind of shows  are broadcast or any flop movie is being telecast I usually sit like a couch potato and watch the whole show.  There were many times when instead of doing my job, I tried to run away and my best partner in crime or my excuse was TV.  Even while travelling I wasted my time watching television. Once I had to board plane in morning with family so in spite of helping my mother and sister with packing, I switched on the television and started watching mindless show just to release my tension. Yes! Its true I am afraid of airplanes or maybe I am afraid of travelling either it’s on plane or bus or rickshaw. Well the fear of travelling is just another issue which I will discuss some other time. For now, I just want to focus on my stress releaser that is television.  Moreover this is not all, when I used to go to work I watched TV most of the night in order to calm myself from all the troubles at my workplace.

It was a best medium for me to run away from my basic responsibilities or to cope with my emotional instability.  At times, I am free and there is a lot which goes in my mind so sometimes I want to just shut my brain off from thinking too much…When I feel friendless I find TV as a comforter where I can just zone out for a while by watching mindless entertainment. Going through a setback in life because of my stupid decisions which failed me in my career or life so instead of getting up and do something constructive, I feel so disheartened and I am scared to start over again. So not to face that kind of failure I feel content on watching TV because for me it’s best way to avoid any conflict in life. Maybe it’s a best way to escape from life’s predicaments.

Nevertheless, I was wrong because TV is an entertainment, one can watch for few hours to get relax but thinking it as a stress reliever is a bad idea.  It’s an absolute wastage of time and energy as well.  Does it givebnbt58_88 you any kind of benefit? Let’s just assume it gives you information in the form of news and infotainment, so yes at times it does, but that is just for a short while. Life does not revolve around television because it will only give you information but not food on your table, not even wash your dishes or clothes;  it cannot become your friend or let’s say it relieves you but that is for the time being and after that what will happen?  Your head starts spinning and a tinge of pain swelled up in your head that becomes unbearable to endure.  Besides it not only deteriorates health, it takes half part of your life. What happens when I turn old age and look back at my life to know that only I have learnt that how to make weddings entertaining or how to free a soul from evil spell by watching mindless morning shows; to add more, how in most of the Pakistani dramas show damsel in distress beautiful with spotless character who are ultimately saved by some charmer just like in Humsafar, however mostly I watched because of Fawad khan J as I found him cute. Rather I want to enjoy my own life and I want to remember my life’s own interesting experiences and smile over without any regret.

I know it’s easy to adapt bad habits and excessive of any bad habit can ruin anyone’s life. Therefore as a starter, I am coming to terms to initiate on slow basis; and have started to focus on broader aspects of life. Because I don’t want that my hairs turn grey without witnessing any excitement in my life. I want to live each moment of life and feel it.

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