Safe Haven–a simple story of loving again!


Love is beautiful; enchanting as it appears, enliven your life with joy. Every time a person falls in love feels ecstatic because the power of love is so strong; this cannot be defied back.  Love is the prime element that brings two people close to each other; ultimately leading to a solid relation as ‘soul-mate. Relationships based on love and support cherishes togetherness and provides a sense of safety with your lover. The movie ‘Safe Haven’ narrates the whole notion of feeling secure in a relationship.

The story is very simple; a young girl falls in love with a guy, they share good moments with each other and at the end live happily ever after.  Now, here is the twist, this girl (Katie) was already married off to a police officer who lived in Boston…however he was alcoholic  and used to beat his wife Katie. One day it went beyond beating to killing and to rescuing herself, Katie hit her husband hard and just ran away to the quietest and smaller town named South-port in North Carolina in order to hide her secret. There she met Alex who was a widower with two children. His wife died long ago as she suffered from cancer.  Alex and Katie form a romantic relationship with each other, whereas his daughter Lexie accepted her immediately, Alex’s son Josh took a while to get used to Katie.

Meanwhile, Katie met Jo who became her good friend.  The bond between these two lovers gradually became strong but in the end Katie’s dark secret confronted her who apparently was her abusive husband who got killed Cherished togethernesswhile Katie was trying to safe herself. The other part is dramatic but truly gave a good twist at the end. Jo was not only Katie’s friend but also she was Alex’s dead wife; oh yes! She was a spirit.Therefore, everything is well that ends well.

The movie is inspired from famous novelist Nicholas Sparks book ‘Safe Haven’ who is also noted for his other best-seller novels; Notebook, the lucky one and so on so forth.  Screenplay of the movie was little weak but overall a pure love story which has every other ingredients to move you in a good way.  Moreover, there were subtle performances by the actors who have kept very natural.  Other than that, there were times when the movie drags along the time, but few of the twists that were kept till the end did make it interesting.

Loving again

Loving again

Having said that, the concept of the movie is simple; love can happen any time. It’s not essential that first love is the true love, further having an abusive relation at first attempt should not refrain someone from loving again…Despite of hurtful past in Katie’s life,   she met Alex who happened to be her true soul-mate so love is just unpredictable.

All in all, I still recommend this movie; why? Because it is a treat to watch a movie having beautiful scenery and amazingly sweet love story … So, if you want to spend a good and soothing weekend, this movie is just the right choice!

2 thoughts on “Safe Haven–a simple story of loving again!

  1. Stacey I. Robles says:

    With movies like Message in a Bottle, The Lucky One , and The Last Song , Nicholas Sparks has officially created romance’s answer to the ones which are exactly the same with only slight variations on their theme. His newest adaptation is Safe Haven, which depicts the beauty in love


  2. Simon Gutierrez says:

    Before viewers can truly process the last thirty minutes of the movie, in typical Nicholas Sparks fashion, Katie is falling in love. Alex Wheatley, played by Josh Duhamel, is a single dad that owns the local convenience store in Southport and he has his eye on Katie from the start. His wife died of cancer and he is raising a rebellious little boy and sweet little girl all on his own. Alex finds Katie mysterious and her good looks are undeniable.


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