Work-stress syndrome during workplace

Is it me or is it really the phenomenon of life? You have a dream, a dream that drives you to move ahead. A dream which you think is the sole purpose of your life… It’s like you born for this dream and if it isn’t

Caution:Suffering from Work stress--Online

Caution:Suffering from Work stress–Online

fulfilled; you find your life meaningless. However, in the process of your journey of your life, your dream and your only passion becomes a reality… and voila! Everything should fall in place. But ironically it is not the case with me.

Stress has become a part of my life. I gradually start forgetting a lot of things for instance, today a girl  in a van asked me about my university thesis topic and for an instant I could not remember…My memory was just blocked for a while and after little thinking I was able to memorize the subject of my thesis. Why this happened and what is the reason? I am always stressed out and thinking continuously that tomorrow what I will be doing? The reasons of my tension are various but let me categorize a few;

Firstly, I have a problem in writing Urdu, although it is my national language but when you have a long gap so definitely you do forget language. And especially when it comes to writing.

Secondly, the environment, a core reason of course… I do not understand why in office everyone is so arrogant and weird!!! Truly nothing is like home and I can only understand the worth after going to office…

Thirdly, I have no clue of what to do next!! This is a professional world and no one is here to spoon-feed you but still it’s been 10 days and I have no clear hint of whether to do news package daily or twice a week…

Working on something which is your dream and passion really make it easy. As the saying goes ‘if you love your work, so every day is a party’, but if I analyse myself, its complete opposite….

I stutter, mince words and cannot focus on my work and the signs show that I am in deep trouble. The work is slowly going to my head and everything around seems hazy. Even though knowing the worse, I could not stop my mind of over-thinking which is only deteriorating my health and my mind gradually!!!! Oh God! I am stung by work-stress syndrome and this is licking me up like a termite…I I want to feel happy and embrace the world with open arms…I just want to feel good again and I hope that I could overcome my syndrome..some day!


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