Ridiculed for Standing Against Verbal Abuse


No More!

What happens when you finally voice out your opinion for the unbearable harassment that you have to face for around three months? You are ridiculed, you are blamed for having filth in your minds; you are indirectly under suspicion in everyone’s eyes and all this for what? Only because you stand for something and you do not want to endure anymore.

I  had worked in a private company that provides van service to the ladies; a facility which is a need of almost every working lady. I was the first one to be picked by the van driver, and as it is my first job so I did not have any idea of how to deal in professional way. Soon I realized that the van driver talked aimlessly without any reason with me. I tried to ignore even when he talked ill about some of the senior members of my office. I prefered to be quiet only because I knew by my experience in university that if you tried to complain of anything, it comes all on you.

This is the commonly practiced principle used over here. Later, he made the big issue of not greeting him and I quote his words: ‘If no one greets me so will not pick the person from next day even though if I have to leave the job (this is not the requirement to greet anyone), also he talks very rudely to me.’ I remained quiet and only shared with my mother because I had this presumption that if I did, no action would be taken or maybe it was my fear.

However later when I discussed with my other van colleagues, so I realized how wrong I was and therefore I and my other van fellows took a stand and we signed an application against the driver’s conduct. He was rebuked by the administration to which he took it personally and begun to misbehave with the van fellows. Next day, he took gals according to his wish and he did not even pick one girl from her home. It became unbearable, later we complained regarding this and we were told to compromise so we start the silent protest by not taking the facility of the van and took public bus instead.  Later, we found out that the company actually abandon the van facility not only ours but both vans.

This became a cooking topic for every other girl in the office. In the lunch time, girls from other van begun to blame us for the abolishment of the facility. I was appalled by the conduct of the women because indirectly they were targeting on our characters, which was not right. I soon realized that it’s not man, but woman is the actual enemy of other woman and by this, I have also witnessed it. 

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