Lehri—one more chapter of comedy comes to an end!

Legendary Comedian ‘Lehri’

“Koun tujhe yaad kare ga, yahan koi kisi ko yaad nahi karta” said by famous ace comedian and actor Lehri in the famous serial ‘Angaan Tehhra’. But Lehri is one such legend who can never be forgotten. His style of comedy was unique because he never resorts to distort face or twist his body parts, but rather his deadpan delivery elicits an aura of laughter for the audience.

A tragic departure of this comedian leaving his family and fans in sobbing! Lehri passed away on September 13, 2012 after prolonged illness at the age of 83. His real name was Safirullah Siddiqui but he got famous by his filmi name ‘Lehri’. He was suffering from lungs and kidney diseases whereas his one leg was also amputated due to gangrene. He has gone through a lot of pain in his last days

Lehri has been part of the Pakistan film industry for around 35 years, his first movie was Anokhi that released on 1956 though his last production was Dhanak in 1986. He had worked in many Urdu movies and even appeared in some of the Punjabi productions as well. He had approximately 225 movies to his credit.

He tried his hand at serious roles but it was not accepted by his fans. His comic roles received highest claim

Lehri (early days)

and made him one of the best comedian actor of his times. He was one comedian who won Nigar Awards for his several movies.

The 70s era would never be same without him; his individuality to create magic by his straight-faced humor which spread smile on the faces of his fans was itself a big achievement.

His death has left a void in the Pakistan film industry which can never ever be filled. He is an institution in his own way. He will always be remembered by his fans

We will miss you Lehri!


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  1. With approximately 225 movies to his credit, he learnt early on in his career that depicting himself in serious roles did not suit him and were not acceptable to his fans either. His comic roles, on the other hand, received the highest acclamation and won him 12 Nigar Awards from 1063 all the way through to 1982 for several movies. He is easily recognised as one of the best comedians of his time.


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