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  1. Umar says:

    Asslam o Alaikum Madiha,

    I read this fine peace of yours a few weeks back. the comments on Dawn have been closed so had to track you down here. Anyways I need some help, you mentioned in this article of yours how there are some firms/companies which train their writers e.g the one in which Fizza Batool works. can you please tell me about them. I am an aspiring writer, I need professional help to guide me. It will be a HUGE deal if you help me in this regard.

    I hope you reply,

    Umar 🙂


    • madiha16 says:

      Wailikum assalam umar,
      Thank you for appreciating the article and taking out time to read…
      As of your query is concerned, so there are many companies which take these kinds of professional writers for instance there is Axact which actually hire professional writers and then there is onetec or rightclick but if you want to know about that particular company so i cannot disclose it for personal reason..


  2. Hassam says:

    Hello Miss. Madiha,

    I am Hassam, chief editor of Y buzz Magazine. We are currently looking for bloggers for our online magazine and I would really like to work with you. We will offer your blog address with your introduction alongside with every article you write. We currently have more than 600 views daily. I am looking forward to your response so that we can work on the details.


    Chief Editor Y Buzz Magazine



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