Give it a break!

Veena Fiasco is Over (at last)

Prior to Ramadan, a blue claded woman appeared on television screen donning a dupatta on her head and asking forgiveness for herself and everyone; even a tear was shed in this brief appearance. The news spread wildly everywhere, be it social media or lounge chat. Suddenly everyone begun to pass harsh remarks against this lady who is the father of all controversies. She is none other than ‘Veena’,

Controversy and Veena go hand in hand, they are bound to each other. Whether it was the FHM magazine controversy where she almost displayed tattoo on her unseemly body. Whereas, long before that, BIG Boss is the place where her link with Ashmit became talk of the town and it ignited the polemic flame.

This Ramadan, Hero TV was going to air Veena Malik for their special month transmission but the strict action of the audience against Veena and the channel itself let them to drop the host. According to the member of the Hero Tv, published in Tribune that Hero channel is the awaam (public) channel and if people are not satisfied so we are not taking Veena. The petition was also submitted to PEMRA to cease the show.

One thing is for sure that electronic media works for rating and the game of rating relies on the public feedback. So, some faction of people do like this lady and some like other anchors like Dr. Amir liaquat, Maya Khan and many others. The common factor is that even though people speak against them but they are there on our screens for whole one month and no matter what you have to bear them.

The interesting part of this whole fiasco was the inconsistent conversation of Veena everywhere, I know that she has been reckless previously but why we give so much importance to these televangelists. Ramadan is the holy month where Almighty showers HIS blessing on us but instead we are busy bad-mouthing ourselves for those who are not responsible to answer for our deeds. We are biased people and come on! everyone has skeleton in their closet, hidden for some and for some they are out.

I do not support nor I am against of anyone because the motto of my life is to first rectify yourself before throwing stones on someone else.

P.S.. Happy Ramadan to everyone 🙂



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