Renovation of house-a way to ‘tiny little freedom’

This is not an article for how to renovate your house; this is just a post to share my experience of actually what happens when you are renovating your house.

Renovation-current state of my room

What is one like when you have to sit in one room, with no contact outside and you cannot even watch television because your house is in the phase of renovation? It is really not a good view as there is nothing much to do except reading and reading, which I think is not bad for a person like me; but then your surroundings matter a lot while reading.

My whole house has turned upside down with all the stuffs scattered here and there; it is like sudden jolt hit my home and creates a topsy-turvy state.    Every day, when labors arrive; this is always early at morning; I have to lock myself in one room and if I do not have to go anywhere, it just makes it better (read: worse). I was always against the idea of renovation; though it is good for home to bring a new life but then meanwhile you have to sacrifice your sleeping place, ‘me time’; hence with benefits come some ‘unwanted perks’ 🙂 that you are simple not ready to embrace it with a happy face.  You cannot walk freely from one room to another because of the cement work on the floors that can be destroyed if you walk continuously over there. Then non-stop noise of the labors who cannot converse in low-tone voice, even if it’s a simple conversation between them, they speak so loudly that you can hear from faraway. You have to sacrifice your personal space and cannot wear your casual attire, especially in the apartment where the rooms are so closed to each other that if you want to roam around, you will come across with any of these workers. Your washroom is used by these workers and after every two hours, they want tea (though this is a bit over exaggeration).

There are many bad points which I can count on the tip of my fingers, but every coin has two sides. So, there is a good side of it as well. If  I am in home, so I can sleep as much as I want because there is nothing to do 🙂 I can sit on my laptop and my mother is not there to scold me;  in the meantime, my kitchen is also not in the condition to be used, and thanks to ‘take aways’ that I do not have to starve myself, rather I can eat as much as I want and this is one of the best excuses I can make for not eating my ‘regular meal’.  They seem small but this little freedom I really cherish.

However, the excitement of having a renewed room is something I am looking forward to, because all this will not matter when finally I will step into my more refined room, having old furniture of course :).No,  my parents are not so generous to buy everything new, for now it’s just floors and walls. On other hand, the more bizarre work is to set the house again; I know this is not the exciting part—hope to get over soon with this nightmare 🙂

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