The Lost valentine–a romantic ride

“Love is not about giving up, it’s about holding on to it” a line that really tells about this movie. Sounds cliché but the movie leaves a beautiful, mesmerizing effect to someone who has ever been in love. Love is definitely a matter of heart because logic is nowhere near when it comes to love. You do things which you would never ever imagine to do; though researchers say that it is because of the release of chemicals that incites the magic when two people are in love. Whatever the reasons maybe, fact is that it is still a very strong emotion that is undefinable.

Long-Lost Love

The lost valentine is a story of longing for the lost love.  This drama movie revolves around two women, one is Susan Allison (Jennifer love Hewitt); a reporter and other is of Caroline Thomas (played by Betty White);whose husband was declared missing in action during the period of World War 2. It opens up with Caroline sitting at Union Station, the place where she bade farewell to her husband Thomas 65 years ago.Her undying love towards her husband was the reason that she religiously went to station every year on valentine to honor the only love of her life. These two women meet through Caroline’s grandson Lucas (a character played by Sean Farris ) who wants to share his grandparents beautiful love story with the world. Susan is a television reporter who was assigned to do a profile of Caroline. Susan though skeptical of true love phenomenon also had a long time relation with Andrew who coincidentally proposed to her, but it did not work out. However, Susan got inclined towards Lucas while interviewing his grandmother, and in the meantime she also succeeded to help Caroline in the search of Lieutenant Thomas after 65 years.

The last scene almost touched the heart where Caroline saw the coffin of her dead husband after so many years  and the way she cried her heart out; it just felt close to the heart. However, on one hand, Caroline celebrates the finding of her lost love, though on other hand Susan is elated for her new-found love.

New-found Love (Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sean Farris)

The movie, actually based on the novel by James Micheal Pratt has a nice feel and combines with pure and honest love which is not to make one feel miserable; it’s about living life with the feeling of being loved by someone at some point.  Moments that you spend with your loved one are most precious which no one can erased and it is always with you, even if the person is no more with you.

So, if anyone is interested to watch a sweet and simple love story, this is the movie for you to recollect those memories that once made you ‘happy’.

Here is the link below, have fun this weekend

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