Ten unique characteristics of ‘Us’

1)  Blaming Habit—we love to blame… students fail in their exams; consequently put the blame on load shedding for not preparing well; similarly we held media to be responsible for spreading negativity within country; blame law for uncontrolled traffic even though we are the ones who break the laws by driving rashly and neglect signals. But in all this, we do not blame ourselves because we are the good people

2)  Mocking –we make fun of other people around us; if your friend pronounces ‘waaat’ instead of what instantly we ridicule his/her accent; likewise if someone wears different attire which is out of fashion sadly it becomes a target of our derision.

3)  Annoying habit—We have no concern that the loud music is irritating our neighbor as we are absorbed in our celebration so it is our right to felicitate regardless of their uneasiness; similarly it does not matter to throw your garbage in front of anyone’s home or block other vehicles by parking your car in front; talking loudly on mobile without caring about others disturbance—but it is ill-mannered only when we have to suffer the same situation.

4) Peeking habit—we love to interfere in everyone’s life, say for example a man and a woman is found sitting together on any workplace, having a chit-chat, so people begin to make speculation out of nothing; many of us do not even spare the internet and social media is one such example where several people continuously keeps a check on each and every activity of their friends or friends of friends—at times they seem like a stalker but if it comes on us; we begin to dissent by claiming it as our personal lives.

5)  Lying habit—oh yes! We love to lie whether it is a big fat lie which is said on daily basis by our politicians or bureaucrats, but we ‘common people’ are also not far behind. Even though there are no biggies for instance we took a day off from office but next day comes with an excuse; or very common lie-hanging out with friends but when our parents inquire; so at once come up with a usual lie: combined study. This is our inborn nature, and if someone says that he/she doesn’t, then obviously that is also one big lie!

6)   Unsolicited Suggestion–a very common trait; we love to give our input on every matter even sometimes not required. As soon one share their problem regarding their career, life or bad relation, we are always ready to offer unwanted advice. Why cannot we just listen to the person and empathize rather trying to become a counselor.

7)   Smart ones—the ones who love to be over-efficient although they are not as smart as they depict, it even includes the commoner; like you are lost while finding any new address and God forbid if you bumped to any ‘smarty-pants’ who has no idea of this place, instead of accepting it blatantly; guide to the way which leads one nowhere near to their destination; rather one moves round and round to the same point from where the search starts. Similarly most of us flaunt to have a thorough knowledge by indulging into great arguments on each matter, but beware! It’s all periphery information that is actually extracted from many renowned political talk shows or famous tweets/blogs; basically the motive is not to mislead anyone, it is just a fear of not being called stupid, therefore rather owning our incompetency, we just play it safe.

8)  Rage–we are stuck in a traffic jam and suddenly, a slight hit of a car burst out the built-in anger in the form of humongous brawl. We love to argue on petty issues which involve the most common view; to bargain for lowering the price while shopping or meet a curt look if mistakenly stepping on one’s foot in a crowd. Our huge ego just boils up into fury and does not let us give up easily without rendering a fight.

9) Criticism—many examples are there; overexposure of media; women’s attire; physical appearance, so forth and so on. Problem is that we love to criticize though mostly are not even constructive; we just demean others to overlook our weaknesses.

10) Emotional ‘fools’— We are emotional people, our heart works in place of our minds; logic is an abstract for us. Be it in any occasion either Pakistan cricket team accidentally wins any match or the times of protests (political, lawyers, religious or any agenda-related); at that time our emotions dominate us so strongly that we even forget the real reasons and it rather becomes a matter of our life and death.

4 thoughts on “Ten unique characteristics of ‘Us’

  1. mary says:

    nice post..the worst characteristics are mocking and criticism because they affect others,making a sorry situation for many..but all ten are absolutely correct..


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