Nothing is Permanent

I have always listened about downsizing but never experience it personally. Though, I never knew that it would be so depressing. It’s been a month and a half of my job; everything was going smoothly till last week, because this week I come across the most frustrating news and that is to lay off staffs from our office. The company I am talking is an online one, and the motive to slim down the staff is change in Google Policy; it has directly affected the HR policy of the company.  Soon the company realizes that people who are on-board are not good enough for the job, and for which reason the company needs more professionally sound staff in the marketing department, to promote their website on Internet.

It is not about slimming down the staff or hiring new ones, it is about the ambiance that is felt in the times of downsizing-a quite depressive atmosphere is observed all over the office. Even though everything is going at a normal routine but there is gloominess all around. The setback of ten people being reduced is not a small one; it is really huge number. However, for some it is not new because they have been working for long time and it has made them strong, they do not feel any grimness in the office, but for me as I am still a novice, this has really affected me. What is more miserable that even the permanent members; who have been working for three years are also targeted in this sad state of affair.  Working hard is the criteria to make your place in the line of your job, nevertheless at times; it may not be the case. However, mostly in private companies you witness this kind of shuffling which makes it clear that sometimes permanency does not provide assurance for your job. But then who is sure for the future.

This whole week has been in turmoil and it made me to come to the point that nothing is permanent in this world; it is only our false hope that makes us to build our house on sand, consequently it vanishes away as the water wipes it all away, and you are left alone with your tattered dreams… Having said that, not every tunnel has a darkness at the end and so we say, life goes on’ because that’s the way it works!


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