No Work Day at Office

Sitting in a comfy chair of your cubicle with your computer screen wide open in front

Boredom at Work

of you; keeping a straight face while scribbling down your notes in a notepad; giving an impression of being occupied by workload but surprisingly real picture is other way round: it was all just a pretend to show yourself busy because luckily or unluckily you have no work to do in your office.  Though an idea itself sounds dreadful so imagine what it will be like in real?

Welcome to ‘No Work day’; an idea itself sounding dreadful so imagine that how will it experience in real? It is a day when you are hit by boredom as your team leader is absent and unfortunately you are not assigned any task.  You are bored throughout the day with no idea of how to spend eight hours in an office. You just want to run away from office or think yourself to take half day; obviously all are justified but when there is no option available so you just yawned throughout the day to kill your time; also furious on yourself of not listening to your instinct (though every day it tells you not to go).

However dreading whole day and sulking around, why not take it as an opportunity to do something productive?  “Where there is a will, there is a way”, a saying that says it all. With little intelligence and common sense, a boring day can change into a great day but how is it possible?

For starters, do not sulk; rather think of something that occupies you for rest of the day. Someone introvert like me would read unfinished book or newspapers or go through some research materials as nature of my job. There are other possibilities as well for instance play city-ville on Facebook or paint something if you like.

Whereas for those who are not interested in reading and playing games because they like to talk so they can avail a chance to chat to their co-mates through their in-house communicator without disturbing anyone. Other than that, find out excuses to take a stroll in an office or do light exercise though if nothing works try power nap but be vigilant of not getting caught by your supervisors…Have a Happy No Work day!


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