Irrevocable Loss in World of Laughter

Moin Akhtar--King of Comedy

People come and go but some remain in our heart forever and Moin Akhtar is one of them. There are some people who are a legend in itself. You may have never met them or even not have any sort of communication but their loss leaves a profound impact in our lives.
Same is true for the celebrity Moin Akhtar whose sudden departure has left a void in the heart of those who loved to watch him and this empty space could not be filled by anyone.

I have grown watching his shows like studio paune teen, loose talk, theatre shows and the first drama in which he played the character of Rozina, it was hilarious and no one could impersonate the character the way he did. His comic timing was perfect and he used to be involved in his character that you would not tell the difference. There are many people who followed his footsteps by imitating him but no one could reach to his caliber.

When I heard the news of his dead through news channels, I was in the state of bewilderment. A man who has spread the smile on the faces of so many people has left us with tearful eyes. We used to watch his shows with this confidence that if Moin is in this show it would definitely be a treat to watch. People who have worked with him felt bereaved on his loss and every actor praises him for his work and his nature as well.

He was an institution in himself but according to his latest interview which I watched in one of the morning shows where he replied that he is still in the learning process and he never thinks himself big. His words reflect the modesty in his personality even after being such a big star; he never flied high and always remained to the ground.

Four comedians demised last year; those people who brought joy are no more…Sad but true! In the world of cynicism and hatred, these were the people who bring laughter and joy to our lives and for a minute we would forget and enjoy the moment. He has been the icon for many generations and he will be remembered as great artist of Pakistan. May his soul rest in peace!

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