Cannibals in Pakistan!!

Once they are addicted to the human flesh, then they begin to have strong craving, they are obsessed with the taste of human flesh and it is yummy for them. These people who eat the flesh of their own species are called Cannibals.

Burial place of Victims

The delicious dishes are made from flesh of human beings, claimed by two brothers Arif and Farman while talking to The Express Tribune…the news of human flesh eaters in Pakistan really stir the nation with anguish and terror.

The incident has taken place in Bhakkar which lies along the left bank of Indus River on the border of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The news made the waves last year but then it went under the carpet. Though this incident is first that has been revealed but what are the reasons that these two brothers become the flesh eater. Why they try to eat it and are they mentally unfit? These are the queries that do generate in mind.

Although according to the brothers, if they eat the human flesh then they will gain the Devil powers and consequently become immortal.

It is not new even in the past these incidents have occurred and several studies have been conducted. There were many who were sentenced to jail for these horrible acts but that is not justified.

However, the main point is that these people though seem to be fit and they also behave normal but psychologically they are not; these people do need help.


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