I will Miss You Humsafar

At last the overhyped drama serial has bid farewell to all their craziest and happily teary eyed fans. There will be no more humsafar episodes, no more Ashar and Khirat love story and no more beautiful OST of the famous serial of the year.

The craze of this serial reminisced the golden memories of dramas like ‘Tanhayian’ or ‘Ankahi’; these were the plays which were extolled for its script as well as  the performance of actors. Recently, Humsafar is also included in the league of ‘memorable serials’.

There were many moments that sort of created an attachment with the viewers; these moments will now become a memory.  I would like to share some of the experiences which will be no more with its ending.

1)      Excitement— Whole week I eagerly waited for latest episode and after watching every episode, we used to stay in the aura that engulfed us for a while until other episode came on-air

2)      Hooked to TV— On every Saturday from 8-9p.m., no plans were made for outing even the friends were instructed not to call in this period. You were so completely absorbed in the story that you did not even hear the doorbell!

3)      Sensation of Ashar and Khirat—Their on-screen chemistry that took over the youngsters by storm-the dashing subtle look Fawad Khan(Ashar) and gorgeous damsel in distress Khirat ( Mahira Khan) made every one crazy. These two protagonists touched the heart of many people with their acting.

As aptly says: “Action speaks louder than words” it is really true in this case; they never had much dialogue but their body language and eye expressions said it all.

4)      Love Story—It was simple yet classic with no shades of extra-marital affairs.  We as a viewer are inspired by ‘true love’ but what was more appealing that it had respect, trust and a bonding that was strong which needed no physicality.

No matter how realistic we are but inside we still believe in the ‘soft mushy’ affection.

5)      Humsafar ‘craze’—-It was everywhere, whether social media like Facebook where the pages were created for Humsafar and especially for the characters; comical imitation of the scenes uploaded on YouTube’s  and statuses as well as tagged pictures uploaded on facebook. There was also a trend of forwarding humour text messages to each other. Even the events were not spared; there were detailed discussion on parties or weddings related to  Ashar and Khirat as they are part of our life. Students used to take off from the evening classes just to watch its episode. What was more interesting that not only women but also men were enthusiastic to chat on this topic…at least something was there to interest both genders mutually.

6)        OST—Of course song was the icing on a cake, it mesmerized every soul with its beautiful lyrics and melody.

Woh Humsafar Tha

However, the drama has ended but memories of this beautiful story will always linger in our minds. Those moments that made a simple love story into an epic one.

Humsafar is past and you are no more with us but your memories will be cherished; I will miss you Humsafar.


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