Stroll Around the Aram Bagh Garden…

When we begin to believe that there is nothing more left to discover in the city of lights, a sudden revelation really makes you wonder that there is more to this city than the commercial plazas, crowded areas and endless commotion? While passing through Burnes Road to Merewether Tower, you come across the interesting place in Karachi which is known as Aram Bagh.

Aram Bagh Mosque: A view from the garden

In front of the famous fresco bakery, there is a small garden though it is in wretched condition. The park is called ‘Aram Bagh’. Whereas adjacent to the garden, there is a beautiful mosque, a symbol of artifact known as Aram Bagh Masjid.

Presently, the garden looks way different from in the past. As you enter the park from the front gate, you see people lying on the grass while some are sitting in a group while at the other corner, you see flock of pigeons picking up the grains off the floor with their pointy beaks. The park is divided into two portions, one is for the women and the other is for men. Mohammad Ali, who is the caretaker of the garden from 20 years says, “The boundary is made in the year 2006 so that the women feel free to come and enjoy the leisure time over here without any constraint.” However in the middle of the park, there is a chabotra (a terraced platform) that grabs your attention. When an inquiry is made to the caretaker about this platform for which he has no specific reply. As I stand on the platform I feel that maybe it has some connection with the past but then who knows this is only my imagination.

While leaving the park, I feel it very bad to see that one of the posh parks of yesteryear have become a place of drug addicts where they loiter around. According to Ali, these people have no homes so we let them spend their nights over here. It is a place which provides shelter to those who are homeless. Maybe the current name reflects the true picture of the garden as people really do rest in this historic garden.


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