Making Television commercial

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A television commercial runs for small duration’ say 35-40 seconds but the process of making a TV ad is a long tiresome job.

As an assignment, we were told by our mentor to make a TV ad. The sound of making our first advertisement excited us but getting it done sweats us off.

All the girls were first given the task to write a script, and then we made a story board; the time was a part of a story board.  Since the script and story board had been an indoor activity; we sail it through but when it came to outdoor shooting; our excitement vanished away. W already realized that this is not a cozy job as we imagined it.

Firstly to choose a proper place for shooting; unluckily it did not happen in our case.  Then we did not have camcorder instead we used the digital camera for video shooting.   Later came the acting part; it’s true that everyone cannot act and being a director of my team, I can really imagine what goes through qualified director! How much he/she has to suffer to make a scene look good or at least bearable.

Somehow we managed it by taking shots in the noisiest area and took a deep breath.  Everything was done and now the tricky part is to edit in a sequence; the scenes must not overlap each other as well as voice quality should be regulated.   It is not a one sitting job therefore never takes it easy because when you actually start doing; you really want to bite your nails.

It is nerve-wracking; I know it depicts nervousness but to edit in the series one needs to have technical profundity. Even though you were well-prepared with the script and story-board still it needed to be re-checked; weak story board will produce an awful final product.

However our assignment got completed and the outcome was not bad:). All in all, what I learn from this-never ever takes anything easy no matter how much you have done your homework…



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