Knack for Writing

I always believe that I have a skill of writing but as soon I enter this field, my whole false hopes vanish away instantly.

I know, I can do it! But what "knack" means??

There are two types of writer; one who is God-gifted and the other one who has to work on their writing. Unfortunately I belong to the latter one, the one who has to work hard to add extra zest to my writing ability.

However, as it is said that for my kind of writers, it is important to read and read a lot of books, magazines, newspapers which I do not religiously follow. To write something, you need to have information about that subject which will not come to your mind through telepathy (although I wish it could be possible). You have to research thoroughly on the particular subject and I cannot focus on one thing for long. Seems like I cannot concentrate on one subject at a time and this happens due to my laid back nature that always put me in troubles.

After thorough investigation, you need to jot down the points together after brainstorming and this is really tough because until and unless you are not clear about the topic, you will be unable to define your subject.

I may not be God-gifted but I really love to write just like other writers. I know I am not good enough but I hope that with each day, I will learn to write someday.


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