A Day at Gynaecology Waiting Room

In search of the information for your feature, you meet many people who act as your source for an article. But waiting in a gynaecology ward gives a different experience. I have an appointment with gynecologist at Saifee Hospital for 8p.m. I reach there half an hour before an appointed time. It is not a usual waiting room instead the seats are arranged in the corridor for those women who are here for check-up.

I request the assistant of the doctor to inform her about my arrival. The helper goes inside the room and after a while comes back with the message that the doctor will give me interview after she finishes up with all the patients. I take a seat and start waiting for her. It gives a completely different scenario and if you are sitting with a satchel so most of the women ask me that what am I doing here? I mean I do not seem to be a patient so what brings me here.

There are many expectant women who come here for regular antenatal check-up and luckily i got an opportunity to talk to them. What is so different about this place from other waiting areas of hospital is that there are no gloomy faces, it is all about happiness.

Little bundles of Joy

Expecting and new budding mothers excitedly sharing their experiences and plans for their babies. Fiza Riaz who lives nearby the hospital is expecting her first child and today she is here to know about the gender of her child. There is a glow on her face while sharing her excitement.

Though however, most of the women over there have discussed about the normal delivery and caesarean. They show their concerns over caesarean because according to them, it will give you complication later in life since the normal delivery though painful but it’s only for time being.

Gradually as the numbers are called out, the waiting area becomes empty and the conversations dispersed in the thin air which was filled with joy and beauty of motherhood.


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