Alone time in Cafeteria


I am never fond of cafeteria at my university because it has nothing good to offer which could satisfy my hunger. But today I decide to go to canteen as I have skipped my morning meal. As I enter the cafeteria, I straight go to chaat section and buy one plate of cholay chaat. It is really a difficult task to find a table at the canteen but somehow I manage to grab one seat at the corner where I ensconce comfortably.

When you are with your friends, it is a different feeling because you share and eat but when you are alone, it gives a very different picture…you sit alone and while devouring the meal in front of you, you observe your surroundings.

What I see maybe I never see before! A hall crowded with girls laughing to each other, teasing each other with their playful remarks; shouting at the canteen uncle to give them their favourite snack. All in all, a common view of our university cafeteria. It is the place where everyone comes and enjoys their time with friends. They do gossips about teacher; tell stories about the dramas that they watched last night. Some play pranks to other fellow students while also relishing their meal. While seeing this whole view, I just thought that this is it; a life in itself! For a moment, you enjoy the carefree happiness that helps you to escape from your never-ending problems.


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