Morning Glory

All about Rating GameEverything is done for ratings now-a-days, be it news channels or entertainment channels, they are all in a rat-race to beat one another. You flip the channels and what you see the morning shows, talk shows and even the news are filled with full-on drama and entertainment. Producers and anchors are trying to work with new concepts-a different show, a novel idea to achieve higher viewership and if that does not work, they might end up taking the low road. “Morning Glory” gives the insight of what happens when you need that one moment to shine out.

The film’s script is by Aline Brosh McKenna, who is also the writer of “The Devil Wears Prada.” The director is the Roger Michell, who is also responsible for “Notting Hill,” “Venus” and the best of the Jane Austen films, 1995’s “Persuasion.”

The movie takes you to the journey of one young passionate morning TV-show producer Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) as she tries her level best to prove to the world that she is good at her job. After getting fired from her job as a producer of a morning television program, she begins to wonder if her professional dreams will ever come true. After flooding all nearby television networks with résumé, she ends up taking a show out of desperation despite an average salary. Her new job is as the executive producer of Daybreak; a novice talk and morning news show which is not up to the mark as of their contemporaries.

Desperate to make a quick impression on her new boss (Jeff Goldblum), Becky begins implementing ambitious ideas, and brings in irritable veteran journalist Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to give a fresh face for the show. The trouble, however, is that Mike wants nothing to do with Becky or Daybreak – he is instead forced to contractually continue his hosting duties, and does so with the bare minimum of enthusiasm. With the show that is almost to reach to its end due to no ratings, Becky looks to shake up the old routine by making the show fun and exciting, while at the same time attempting to harbor a budding relationship with fellow producer Adam Benet ( Patrick Wilson).

This is a film which takes a peek behind the curtain of television newscasts; revealing that everything is not as tidy and ordered as it seems on the air. The behind-the-scenes material is superb; depicting the daily show meetings, the goings-on within the control booth, the interoffice joking and bickering that emerges, and the imaginative strategy which are implemented to raise the ratings. Despite the apparently dull nature of this material, it is watchable, and the Becky is an easy character to like. The strong point of the movie is its cast and the female lead that holds the movie with her mature acting. Though Ford despite of his immense acting talent was not up to the mark.

Added to this, Morning Glory is the movie that raises the question of feeding the minds with the news or the entertainment. It is important to stick with the principles rather giving it up in the battle of the rating game.

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