How To Apply for an Internship

Media is the vast field which needs both theoretical as well as practical comprehension. Hence it is important for a student of journalism to have practical comprehension as well while enrolled in a university along with academic background. The first hand knowledge you can only have by getting involved into any in-house publication. Where you may not only brush up your writing skills but also realize the environment of the workplace and the way it works.

Therefore internship is the gateway in the practical field. It is important to explore your ability and to find where you will see yourself after completing graduation. But this is not possible without a proper execution of the plan. But there are certain basic steps that are the prerequisite to land as an intern in media.


The foremost condition is to make suitable curriculum vitae (CV) in which it is better to mention about your interests. If you are applying for any publication, so you must also mention your write-up for any university magazine or any publication.


The next step is to send the resume to different media houses; also keeping in mind to apply at right time and right place. It’s better to call them up and show them your interest for an internship. Maybe they will also tell you to mail your CV and at times, they may say you to come personally to submit the CV.  If you do not receive call within a week or two so call them up for the status of your application.


Guess what?? You send your CV and luckily you get a call for an interview line up. Do not panic or get carried away rather focus on an important step to prepare for an interview.

Firstly, you need to do a thorough research of that particular media house. What is their working style? What kind of media agenda do they follow? What are their priorities? You need to know all of this. Then you should have a knack of reading because that will show the variety of your interest (start reading from now). You should have news sense and also information about what’s happening within the country as well as around the world.  If you are aware of all this, so this will help you in your interview.


  • Wear appropriate attire and whatever language you feel comfortable, converse with them but it is essential to be well versed in the particular speech.
  • Do not forget to reach on time.
  • Speak clearly so that an interviewer can understand what you are saying. If you try to munch the words or speak fast so it will be hard for an interviewer to give attention.
  • There should be a positive spark within you while giving interview because it shows the enthusiasm of a candidate for the required position.
  •  Lastly but most important, do read their newspaper or know about their program because that gives an edge to you from other candidates. You should also be ready to write an article because they may ask you to do so.


If you receive the call after your interview so congratulations! But if not so do not be disheartened instead you should call them back after a week to ask about the result of your interview. Sometimes they forget or want you to call them. There is nothing to be ashamed of rather it shows your interest. Be ready to any result, either it may be in your favor or it may not.

What is better that after the interview has been conducted, send a letter of thanks to the interviewer through mail and appreciate him/her for taking out time for you. If you do not get in the organization, don’t sulk around because best is yet to come. Therefore try hard for other interview…Best of luck!

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