Gastro-enteritis is the inflammation of lining of stomach and intestines which includes both large and small intestines.Gastroenteritis is responsible for 25% of all deaths in children up to 5 years and elderly patients more than 60 years lead to hospitalization and then death. Infectious gastroenteritis maybe caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites.
Viral gastroenteritis is more common than bacterial gastroenteritis. Viruses which cause this disease are Rotavirus, Norovirus, Adenovirus and Astroviruswhere as in bacterial gastroenteritis most common are E.coli, Salmonella and Shigella.

Gastroenteritis viruses: A = rotavirus, B = adenovirus, C = Norovirus and D = Astrovirus.

If there is only vomiting it indicates Gastritis but in Gastroenteritis vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea and at times nausea, abdominal pain or fever are also observed.
Unclean water is provided to different areas of Karachi especially Site, Gulshan, Orangi, New Karachi, Liaquatabad, Landhi, Korangi Gadap, keemari and Lyari.
The tanks and reservoirs that hold water are not properly cleaned and this way water is contaminated. The rain drainage system is not properly maintained although after rain the cleaning took place but the sludge was thrown outside which attract the houseflies and these flies sit on them and later carries the dirt in their wings to food items.
The disease also occurs due to contaminated food and houseflies are main carrier because they usually sit on the dirty things after which the food items on stalls near roadside or near stagnant water like aloo chat or bun kababs and many others they are present in open environment and they sit on them leaving their dirt.


·         Firstly drink boil water which should be boiled 10 to 15 minutes.

·         Filtration of water alone is not effective until the filters are properly cleaned and many people do not know the accurate method.

·         Fumigation or sprays to get rid off houseflies.

·         Water can also be cleaned through hydrogen peroxide, chlorine or potash alum.

·         Food inspector should be assigned to check fish and food markets and City Government makes it mandatory.


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