News is just a click away

There is a big difference between news and noise but what is required to have “nose for news”. To provide news and that also authentic is one of the toughest job for a journalist. You have to dig out deeper to collect the facts and inform the audience with accurate information without any manipulation. But as the internet and electronic media come into the scene many new categories are included in the field of journalism.

The boom of electronic media opens up a new form of reporting that is Citizen Journalism where the inhabitant of the city may report from their areas in the form of pictures or videos and send it to the media outlets where the irrelevant information is filtered out. It is basically the concept of members of the public who play an active part in process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. The usage of social networking sites and cellular phones have made it possible for the common person to break the news to the world; they are more faster as compare to traditional journalists.

Citizen journalism

However, it is important to know that every person has different perspective regarding any incident and in this the camera is your news eye to capture the incident as you see it. But the people who send the pictures or videos are inexperienced in this field which jeopardizes the framework of the journalism. Then there may be the case of plagiarism for instance it is not firsthand information someone has picked up from you-tube or any other source therefore authenticity is significant. It is necessary that the events which a citizen is reporting should be real and should be done the way he/she has seen it.

Moreover, it is a positive step of creating interaction between media and the people whereas by underscoring the problems or the negligence of the law towards these problems increase awareness in the civic society as well. Pakistan is one such place where everyday there is some story which catches your eye. So pick up your mobile and share with the whole world


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