Pre-Celebration for the Pak Vs India match: A festive mood

This is not the usual semi-final match but a nerve-wrecking clash where two customary rivals will face each other on

Pakistan Zindabad

the grounds, a great spectacle for both sides.


From the time when it is known that Pakistan team will face India in semi-final the festive mood has begun in whole country. It is evidently observed in media where it seems like the world cup fever is at its peak. On every channel and on every news-website, the experts’ opinions are being taken and both teams are scrutinized for their flaws and strengths. Not only in media but also in social network websites like face book, the green mission is in its full swing.

On the other hand in schools, colleges, universities or any gatherings the topic is enthusiastically talked about that who will win the match. Although at this side people want the team to win the match against India as it is a matter of pride for many.

To this date, at many places special prayers have been arranged in different mosques for the win and in relation to this, the students at Jinnah University for Women has also arranged the special prayer for team Pakistan. They have also celebrated the green day in their own way. Students painted the Pakistani flag on their face, green dupatta and green colored bangles have been worn by the students and national songs were sung in support of our team. Every face was beaming with excitement for the forthcoming match.  In the end the national anthem has been sung fervently.

Public holiday and that also half day off is also announced by the Sind Government tomorrow in connection to the match. People are in mixed feeling; excitement, anxiety as well as fear of unforeseen result, these all have increased the heart beat of Pakistani people. Text messages are also being sent to each other in support of their team and it seems that the festivity has begun. Hope it may last long!


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