Excuse Your Way Out!

Last Resort to hide your flaw



Last Resort to Hide your Flaw



“Sorry ma’am my sister’s wedding kept me engaged so I could not complete my assignment, please just give me one more day to finish it,” this is one of the common view at school or university when students do not come up with their work on fixed day.

Excuse is an easy exit to get away from the wrath of teachers. The students try cover up their inadequacy with different sorts of justifications. It may vary from I am sick to grandfather’s (third time) funeral. At times these reasons do irritate the teachers if they are frequently made or if it is an inexperienced one.

There are many excuses though easy it may sound, in action it is entirely different. Foremost before making any excuse you must have confidence to make it effective which may be able to guard your lie. Few excuses that are frequently used by students and it work for them:

Sick excuse The oldest and the universal one; out of 365 days these students are sick for 364 days though still it does work.

Family events we all have families definitely humans are not made as solitary beasts they do have sisters brothers and then there are cousins. No wonder! If you have so many folks it does keep you occupied. There is either sister’s wedding or cousin’s wedding; what is unusual that when there are holidays, family is not given much importance although in times of studies, it is all about family.

Load shedding-it is one such justification that is prevalent in Pakistan. Everyone knows that the rampart outage of electricity is at its peak due to which not only students but also the businesses have been affected. However, using it as a reason to cover up their slack behavior is unacceptable.

Internet problem- Why is it that every time you are so close to finish your project only then this particular viral bug enters your computer and disrupt your whole files. If not the internet then it has to be the PC which is a culprit to ruin your ‘hard work’.

I am BUSY- We do have time for everything but only when it comes to the assignment it is the same ‘I had a very hectic schedule last month’ though they used to have time for tweeting or uploading status on face book or commenting on blogs but there was shortage of time for the particular task.

Last but not the least ‘I forget to bring my project’ and guess what? On the D-day! It is one of the easiest ways to hide your procrastination. These are somewhat few but most used excuses in times of need.

It is aptly said, “If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another”-Yiddish Proverb


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